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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Sunday, December 21, 2014

Healthy Play Fitness Hacks After The Hefty Christmas Dinner

The holiday season brings no excuse to eating sweets and pastries. It is a very favorable time for kids to load up on sugar and carbs. But that doesn’t mean you’ll give them free pass to eat their way to obesity, right? That’s where we come in. We are no weight loss magicians but we can help your kids acquire the stamina of an athlete and grow physically fit the playground way.

Photo from via Lorna Benitez, Pinterest
You don’t have to restrict them from indulging but you can help them by providing better options to keep their sugar levels at bay and their health in perfect condition.

As we all know, Christmas day is just around the corner. Just a few more days left until the big holiday feast. Have you planned out the menu for the family dinner already? If we’re not mistaken, you’re pretty much looking into preparing scrumptious meals like these: heavenly bowl of pumpkin soup, sauteed vegetables with butter and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes with sour cream, oven roasted chicken with lemon and herbs, baby back ribs smothered in sweet n’ spicy barbeque sauce, freshly baked dinner rolls and a good bottle of wine. And if you’re the super mom, you’ll also have a decadent chocolate cake for the kids.

Everything looks perfect but on the back of your mind, you’re also concerned if you will still feel or look good afterwards. The meals you have in mind are not particularly saying, “I’m calorie free”, are they? Don’t take this wrong because they don’t have to be. We know you’re not exactly watching your weight but more of keeping track of you and your family’s health at most, especially the kids.

Why not start them off with basic playground workouts that would target improving their agility, endurance, balance and hand-eye coordination? You can even do workouts while the kids play.

This year we’ve put up a fitness playground review featuring 4 of our top playground equipments that could instill an athlete’s competitive streak to your child.

Agility Poles

The Agility Poles we offer are best for training exercises. Kids as young as 5 to 12 years old, as well as adults, can gain coordination and improve balancing skills. It’s important to develop these skills because it helps to effectively perform activities that require quick paced movements. But apart from being fast, to be agile means to keep balance, strength and body control.

You may think this skill should only be developed by athletes but maintaining one’s agility is also essential in your kids’ day to day activities. Changing directions may cause injury and since children like to move a lot they need proper movement control to avoid such accidents. Some schools already have these in their fitness programs used either in gym class or pre-game warm ups. Kids can also get their fitness fix on playgrounds but if you don’t have the time to visit the park, you can still put these agility poles at home so your child can conveniently train.

They stand approximately 3 feet 6 inches high. Weighs 50 pounds. They may come painted or unpainted and we have different colors for you to choose from. It is manufactured by the renowned playground equipment manufacturer, SportsPlay. Valued at $471, you can already get your kids started in their fitness journey.

Horizontal Fitness Ladder

More popularly known as “Monkey Bars”, these offer children a natural climbing activity in a secure manner. This term best describes the horizontal fitness ladder since it displays the agility and upper body strength seen in that of a monkey. Letting kids play around with this equipment can boost their endurance level and increase their arm strength.

Why is there a need to build their endurance? According to, endurance is a person’s ability to withstand fatigue. Knowing that your kid is subjected to daily strenuous and playful activities, it’s only right to equip them with the tenacity to endure as early as now. Just don’t forget though, to keep proper safety tips in mind.

It is available for kids aged 5 years onwards and can still be enjoyed by adults. Very minimal space is needed for installation so you can easily have it put up in your own backyard. Valued at $832, it weighs 155 pounds, is made of galvanized steel, powder coated and also available in different colors. Why not give your kids another great reason to invite their friends over and play?

Aluminum Balance Beam

Regarded as the physical fitness coach for balancing abilities, the aluminum balance beam improves balance and coordination. An article from pointed out that young children develop balance so they can walk without falling over or ride a bicycle without tumbling down. It aims on harmonizing your kid’s reflexes to maintain healthy physical condition.

It is then safe to say that regular use of balance beams can make a huge impact in your kid’s  well-being. Test their stability and stamina by doing simple exercises such as instructing them to move along the beam by walking, skipping, hopping, and even tiptoeing. Don’t forget to consider the beam’s height and width when doing so. And don’t allow them to do it on their own, unless of course if they’ve had enough practice.

For safety measures, our aluminum balance beams come with ribbed surface. It weighs 40 pounds and has a maximum height of 16 inches. The legs are available in different colors and could either be painted with powder coat or galvanized steel. The main beam, on the other hand, remains unpainted. Valued at $379, any member of your family, from as young as 2 years old to 12 and even above can strengthen their balance on these beams.

Boarding Net 

This durable boarding net is used for climbing and is another equipment to test and improve your kids’ fitness capacity. Climbing exercises are a great way to develop hand and eye movement coordination. It’s both challenging and fun making it the perfect addition to your playspace at home.

Engaging your kids in activities that target hand eye coordination also improves cognitive and social skills. This was concluded by a study from cognitive scientists at Indiana University. It states that a child and their parents can coordinate joint attention and focus, key components of parent-child communication as well as early language learning.

Available for kids aged 5 and above. You can now order this 125 pound playstation and choose from many attractive shades. Valued at $757, this fitness playground equipment offers fun and healthy solutions for your kids.

There you have it, fitness playground equipments that aim to develop your child’s agility, endurance, balance and hand-eye coordination. All of which are crucial in avoiding injuries and play an important role in their day to day activities.  All you have to do now is decide on which equipment best suits your kid.

Learn about the author: Jennifer Holmes

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