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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Monday, November 17, 2014

Outdoor Play Impacts Sustainable Child Development

“Play outside, while you still have the time to do so! Being young and free happens only once in a lifetime, trust me.”

This is what parents would likely tell their children nowadays especially because gadgets have kept children indoors. With the changing trend of toy types, these gadgets force children to stay indoors and shut the doors from playing outside.

Photo by John Morgan via Flickr
As a matter of fact, children today would rather spend their time on house arrest wired to computers, cellphones, tablets, TV, video games rather than ride a see-saw in the park. In a poll conducted by the Nature Conservancy, only 10% of the children they interviewed actually spend time playing outside. With only 10 out of 100 kids playing outdoors, this increases the current children obesity rate while decreasing the children’s chances of learning and development.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

What Parents Need to Know About Age-Appropriate Play

Playtime is a crucial part in every child's life. With the changing times, the traditional playing time has changed as well. From playing with mere paper dolls or hide-and-seek outdoors, children have evolved to playing with high-tech gadgets while seeking the comforts of their own home. Without any age specification, technology does not specify the age appropriate play skills and specific child development. What is the right play for the right age?

Play is a sturdy vehicle for your child’s development. Photo by Marcus Kwan via Flickr

In a Reuters article, online gaming company OSMO Chief Executive Officer Pramon Sharma explained that “if you limit a child’s experience to just digital games, only some parts of their brains are getting exercised.” According to a study from the Montana State University, play is an important factor for the healthy child development. The Association for Childhood Education International adds that there is a “need for children of all ages to play.” Play should teach children social and motor skills and cognitive thinking.