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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Build The Fun and Faith in Your Church Playground

Build playgrounds that will cater to the play needs of kids attending your church’s services.
Photo by Stuart via Flickr, Creative Commons
Aside from being places of worship and fellowship, churches have also provided families and kids a safe and fun environment through its playground. Children are indeed part of everyday church environments since the average range of children’s church attendance is between 19 to 23 percent of the total attendance, according to leadership coach and writer Tony Morgan. And for every four adults attending weekend church services, a normal church would have one child between 0-11 years of age.

Seeing families bringing along their kids in every gathering, churches have installed  playgrounds to better attract and encourage kids participation in its activities. For those planning on building a church playground to increase the involvement of children in your ministries, now is the right time to do so with these helpful tips that are sure to make every children look forward to their next church visit.

Best Play For Your Best Budget
Installing a church playground is not just an investment but also serves the purpose of your entire church and community by attracting neighborhood children and adding value to their lives while sparking interest of parents that will enable them to visit your next church gathering. In order to do so, set a budget for your church playground equipment by determining the expected children that will use the play space at a specified time. Bob Robertson suggests that a good rule for budgeting playgrounds is to allocate around $1,000 per child. If you expect around 30 children playing at the same time in your playground, it is good to allot $30,000 for the said project.

As you set your budget, don’t forget that quality comes first in purchasing your church playground equipment that will stand the test of time. With the best quality play sets that match your budget, you are sure to save money since you don’t need to buy new ones just to replace low quality play items. If you’re concerned about the costs of equipment with a limited budget at hand, there are private and government grants available for playground development and equipment. You can contact your officials for possible grants available in your area.

Maximize Available Play Space for Maximum Fun

Limited space for play is not a problem. Playground experts are ready to help you maximize the available space in your
church grounds. Photo by Jaime Jover via Flickr, Creative Commons
Most churches are situated in urban areas, and these usually don’t have a lot of space for playgrounds. Be sure to consult an expert who can provide insightful tips and suggestions in choosing the appropriate space for your playground, especially with a limited space at hand. Once you’ve done this, you can easily choose which play equipment will go best with your playground.

Design Matters
Church playgrounds should never be boring or dull. Tap into the children’s imaginative minds through your playgrounds creative appeal by using the latest playground designs and theme structures. The design itself should keep up with the kids’ interests, creativity and imagination. Do take into consideration setting up different zones for creative and imaginative play, physical play, dramatic and social play, and interaction with natural elements such as trees to provide a well-rounded playing environment for kids through different church play structures.

Allow kids with special needs to freely interact with other kids through this wheelchair ramp.
For children with disabilities and special needs, it is important to provide them proper access especially to those with wheelchairs. Give them their freedom and confidence to play in your playground through a durable plastic Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant wheelchair ramp. Invest $858.00 for a ramp that not only functions as their entrance ramp but also serves as the gateway for interaction and play with able bodied kids. Need help for your church playground design? Playground Equipment has knowledgeable consultants who are happy to help you out in designing your play area that is suitable to your preference and budget. A well-designed play space is not just appealing in the eyes but it can also reduce the probability of accidents through careful planning, especially when it comes to the equipment set-up and spacing.

Meeting Play Needs Through the Right Equipment
As soon as you’ve decided on the overall design and space for your playground, it’s time to choose the appropriate play equipment and items that are sure to encourage kids to be active during playtime. Selecting the right equipment and play system for children will be your foundation for all playground safety measures that you will set. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has provided public playground safety guidelines, while the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has provided child-safe international standards to help you out on ensuring the safety of kids in your playground.

Hop aboard Noah’s Ark as you learn more about different Bible stories while at play.
In order to provide them with the best faith education, you can do your next storytelling activity with the help of a Noah’s Ark Playset. This will best suit your faith themed playground with customizable panels, depending on how you will tell the story. At $17,766.00, kids from 2-12 years of age are sure to feel what it’s like to ride an ark by climbing through the elephant panel, and playing with the bow panel. The lifelike ship panels and taper sail toppers are sure to add an enjoyable ride aboard Noah’s Ark. The plastic and metal designs follow the ASTM and CPSC guidelines, so you have nothing to worry about following the safety standards.

Safety First, at All Times
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in 2008, emergency rooms treat more than 200,000 kids aged 14 below due to playground injuries each year. Church Mutual Insurance further reports that more injuries happen because of falls from play equipment which account for more than 70 percent of the total playground injuries and 80 percent occur in playgrounds that have unsuitable surfaces.

Prevent injuries by installing a safe, surfacing area that will keep kids from getting hurt from falls.
To avoid playground injuries from occurring, choose the right material that you will use to surface your playground’s area to keep kids from getting hurt and acquiring bruises from falls. A cost-effective option for surfaces would be to consider Tuff Mulch Bonded Rubber Mulch. This is appropriate, especially if your church has a child care center as well. Aside from being environment friendly, it gives a safety surfacing that gives a soft landing should a child fall from a play equipment. Be sure to have a base of compacted crush stone, concrete or asphalt when applying this rubber mulch.

Church playgrounds can also appeal to kids of all ages through its combination of different playsets. But in order to protect kids from misuse and to guide them in age-appropriate use of play equipment, be sure to post the Age Destination Sign to let parents and kids know which ones are appropriate for a certain age group. Pegged at $275.00, this sign can be designed for 2-5, 2-12, and 5-12 age categories and you can choose to have an English or Spanish sign. These signs can help ensure safety at play as part of the responsibility as playground owner.

Involving Kids, One Play at a Time
Parents usually bring their children along with them in church to attend functions, events, and worship services. And kids tend to look for other activities inside the church. By installing and purchasing playground equipment for your church, it doesn’t just accommodate the needs of kids but it also serves your entire church and community by providing a safe and fun environment for kids to enjoy. Your congregation will feel secured seeing their kids actively playing rather than loitering in another location such as the parking lot or leaving the church premises. And through regular visits in the church playground, kids will eventually beg their parents to visit their church through its playground more often than before.

Playground Equipment is your partner in building a well-designed church playground that will encourage active participation of kids in your activities. Get in touch with us through our friendly representatives in order to know the latest commercial grade products and services that will help you build your church playground that suits your preference and budget.

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