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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Thursday, July 17, 2014

Best Surfacing Options that Keep Your Playground Safe

Safe surfacing materials let your child bid goodbye to injuries.
As a parent, your number one concern is the safety of your kid during play. You get alarmed once you see your child getting bruised in the playground. When this happens, you probably feel like blaming yourself for not providing enough care to your child. You need to consider, though, the other factors that may contribute to accidents happening in the playground. Factors such as not having high-quality and safe playground surfaces may just be one of the causes for playground-related accidents.

A report from Center for Disease and Control reveals that in the United States, within 1990 and 2000, 20 % of playground-related deaths result from surface falls. A New York City study also found playgrounds in low-income areas in New York City, for one, had more poor quality surfacing materials than usual.

If you want affordable playground surfaces materials, you need to still balance the factors of safety and enjoyment at the same time, as well. Make a thorough research and study on various surfacing tools that may suit your child’s needs. Don’t rush when making a decision to choose and purchase these tools. Your decision will have a lasting impact on how your child benefits from play time.

Highly Permeable Surfacing at a Low Cost 

Low cost surfacing that does not compromise quality.
Tuff bonded rubber playground mulch works out great as a surfacing option for schools and daycare centers. This type of surfacing is available at a reasonable price that will fit any budget. In order to maximize the protection, be sure to have a base of intact crushed stone, concrete, or asphalt. It has a single layer system, and is highly permeable. This surfacing material is best fit for the entries and exits of slides, swings and climbers in preschool playgrounds. The tuff rubber mulch can fit in a customizable way to bigger and higher play equipments. When your child accidentally falls from a slide for instance, the tuff mulch’s durable solid surface ensures that injuries will be minimized, even if only reduced adult supervision is implemented. Your child can avoid missing school and other fun activities as this surfacing tool provides the needed protection from injuries.

Recyclable Rubber Mulch For Safe, Fun Play

Sustainable and safe play all in one package.
Rubber mulch nuggets are made from 100% recycled tires. The sustainable components making up the rubber mulch contribute to environment protection. They are the best eco-friendly surfacing materials because they are non-toxic, odor-free, non-staining, and are not prone to attract insects. These environmental surfacing materials come in handy particularly during the summer when insects of all sorts abound. Rubber mulch nuggets enable your child to enjoy playing in your backyard without having to deal with illnesses that insect bites bring.

Convenient and Flexible Wood Fiber

Flexibility and fun does not have to compromise safety
Wood carpet engineered wood fiber protects your child from high falls, and is easy to install in your backyard. This wood fiber also costs reasonably. It serves its purpose amazingly when placed in a high fort-like slide. Kids can have fun sliding, while giving you the peace of mind that injuries will be avoided. Furthermore, it is ADA compliant, thus, the material works out without issues with kids with motor problems As you know, kids with motor problems are usually prone to high fall injuries. Occasional raking is required, though, however the benefits it brings is incomparable.

An Ounce of Caution is the Best Prevention

Of course, you can’t compromise a physical outdoor activity for your child because of constant safety worries. Careful consideration, then, must be implemented when choosing the best surfacing materials for your playground. Doing so ensures your child’s safety and a healthy physical disposition will work out together for the betterment of your his/her welfare.
Surfacing materials that Playground Equipment offer are low cost, but don’t compromise the quality that they ensure.

Learn about the author: Jennifer Holmes

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