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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quality Playground Equipment: Low on Cost, Big on Play

Currently, play spaces in schools, public parks, and other recreational areas, are gradually being tapped to aid child development. Parents and educational institutions rediscover the power of active play whether indoors or outdoors. To answer the needs of raising kids who are physically fit and socially sound, it is but important to seek high quality, low cost play areas.

Investing on quality playground equipment always entail cost in the hopes of causing something worthwhile, productive, and enriching to children who will soon be the next breed of leaders that will determine where our society is heading. Treating your this community project as an opportunity to gather kids of all ages and all abilities in a corner where they can play with one another as they grow together. Here are some tips that you might want to consider, in your long-term investment purchase:

Reliable, Durable, Eco-friendly Materials

Before we offer any item to shoppers, we see to it that all the equipment will last a long time. Each item on our list has been inspected and has been approved to withstand the energy of kids of all ages and abilities. On top of our fun and learning play sets, we make sure that we deliver non-toxic materials that make each of our playground installation.

From the tiny hooks to the gigantic themed play pieces, you are assured to make the most of your every dollar spent.  Forget the worries from chipped paints, splinters, rusty metal parts, and loose fibers that spell disaster for kids who are always curious and rarely cautious.

Broad Range of Affordable Prices 

If there is one thing we are known for across the U.S., it is the best budget price that we offer. As price-conscious shoppers, all the play components that our indoor and outdoor range offer have been tailored to suit the budget of every purchaser.

Though our price is knock-off, we give due importance to models and designs that are do not compromise quality. Our products range from bringing a solution to a start up daycare, a backyard, a church, a public and private school, and even recreational entertainment centers and public parks.

Interaction and Inclusion: More than ROI

If done right, store traffic, purchase, customer satisfaction and a repeat visit is more likely to be yours if you have a space that will allow kids to enjoy, while parents relax, even for a few hours. If you’re running on a tight rope, start with smaller, low cost commercial play systems that are compact yet jampacked with fun essentials. Once you’ve reaped the returns, add in upgrades like a seesaw, more shock absorbent surfacing; better yet, a bigger play space.

Recreational entertainment centers not only meant to make financial gains, as they are social hubs, too. Families who frequent playgrounds are able to mingle and get to know other community members better. More importantly, low cost high quality play areas must be centered on inclusion. As the number of kids with special needs increase more steadily in the recent years, these hubs must be spaces that empower them and inform the public about ways to let them contribute to their communities. More than ROI, every project that unfolds is a step towards a more compassionate, more cooperative, and more collective society -a favorable, intangible return on investment through taking play seriously.

Long-term Support and Worry-free Maintenance 

Our sales associates are hands-on with their every project as they spend time with our installers to ensure that a seamless play space will be you at the least possible time. We love hearing about inquiries before, during and after the installation. For those who are always online, and always on the go, we have live support assistance chat, which is free of charge. Our assistants are available during normal business hours to address your concerns whether they’re about installation, or playground maintenance. Backed up with warranty ranging from 1 year to 100 years, we give you a promise of building a  legacy that lives on.

Solutions for Fun and Safe Play

From 2001-2008, there are more than 200,000 playspace-related injuries that were reported. Because of this fun play must always be safe play. The team has scaled heights that challenge kids to climb, jump, ride, swing, and slide with caution and backed up with every inch of protection.

A quality solution must always be anchored on minimizing the likelihood of traumatic and life-altering accidents. We have made sure that each installation would be able to withstand agents of accidents such as extreme weather conditions, poor layout design, unsuitable spare parts, and the lack of proper inspection. To make sure that we can address each of these accident-causing elements, all our staffs are certified National Playground Safety Inspectors. Our every action is a step towards a wide range of needs and specifications of shoppers and decision makers.

Low Cost, Big on Play!

From the beginning of your inquiry to the end of your purchase, Playground Equipment team is committed to fusing low costs options that will allow kids to go big on play. Each play time is our contribution to make your space more kid-friendly. Still weighing your options? Get in touch with us today and see how you can arrive at the best play area project within your time frame and budget.

Learn about the author: Jennifer Holmes

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