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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Build Affordable High Quality Residential Playground

If you think that getting a residential playground for your kids is an overwhelming project due to your budget, think again. A recent study revealed that in spite the economy and other constraints, 1 in 5 American parents are willing to shell out over $1,000 on sports-inclined activities for their children. Remember the mounds of toys on top of gadgets that you get your child to make them happier with the hope of raising them better?

The possibilities that a residential playground hold go beyond that of a structured play. Several studies now strongly suggest that parents must acknowledge and unearth the power of playgrounds as they are hubs for children who are smarter, healthier, and even more successful in life. The Playground Equipment Team has put together options that are flexible for your affordable backyard playground installation that will satisfy your children’s wants.

Scan and start with site preparation. (Average Cost: $1,800+)

This step is essential to bringing a safe, secure, and enjoyable play space for your kids. The bulk of the cost is set aside for the clearing and grading of the plot. Also, this step requires the final plan of the play space in order to know where the footings are going to be. In determining your backyard playground, check your landscape as well as your home’s architecture. Apart from being a fun spot for the children to enjoy, this also adds an appeal to your backyard.

Consider the space of your backyard in order to get the best size of playground that won’t take up all the available space. (Starts at $1,299)

The Nantucket play set is compact yet roomy and sturdy enough to house a group of more than 10 kids at once. This design is reminiscent of a classic playhouse. Kids, who are fond of the beach, are sure to enjoy building their own sand castles while mom won’t have to worry about prolonged sun exposure, thanks to the shade on top of the sand box. For children who want to reach for the sky, they may opt to climb a rope or the rock wall. Of course, those who want to take calculated risks may always utilize the safe entry ladder. Kids who wish to sharpen their spatial skills without forcing the idea to do so could tinker with the tic-tac-toe panel. A steering wheel and a play telescope are waiting to be discovered by adventure-loving kids as they get to do cartwheels with a themed playtime.

Be it a voyager, a scientist on a mission, or even a makeshift store, wooden play sets unravel childhood dreams. The two belt swings and a trapeze are ready and sturdy to give kids a precious chance to let their coordination and balance improve. The ride down the wave slide on the other hand is one victory that kids usually look forward to, and remember for a long time. This 13” x 16” play equipment comes with a high quality, solid wood framing that is guaranteed a 10-year limited warranty on lumber, and 1 year on the playset accessories is reasonably priced at $1,299. Cheap playground cost comes with the enjoyment of 10 kids all at once, plus the idea of sharing it with new members of the family or selling it when the kids are all grown up. You may opt to go with build it with other parent volunteers, or add a little extra budget to get help from professional installers.

Think of getting age-appropriate playsets to stretch your residential playground’s long-term use. ($3,499)

One of the problems that playgrounds have is that kids feel playgrounds are too easy, and boring. The key to turn this around is to check that your playground equipment is age-appropriate. You could stretch your $3,499 investment because you are assured that kids of all ages are going to appreciate some active play outdoors. Toddlers nearing school-age are looking for challenges that would require them to think and act in order to get a sense of success -big or small. A wave slide and a 7-foot tube slide give older kids more options for this kid playset. A picnic table with a sandbox under a shade could translate into an early morning or an afternoon for an art and craft session inspired by nature.

Before doing so, rouse your kids to climb up the rock wall or go for the climbing rope ladder to warm them up physically, emotionally, and mentally, too. Follow it with rounds on the trapeze bar, the swing, glider that can hold one or two riders, and finally, the two platforms for kids of all ages. Discover the hidden gems of raising your kids with the aid of this Treasure Trove.

Add functional backyard playground enhancements like a picnic table. ($159)

In an hour or two, your child is off to a new spot right in your backyard. Made of cedar that is naturally unaffected by rot, decay, and insect attacks, this picnic table draws your child to spend more time outdoors.

Kids, who are always indoors, tend to shy away or be uncomfortable with the idea of going outside as they feel that it is out of their way. Then again, additions like the picnic table, priced with the affordable price of $159, would allow them to enjoy a healthy happy meal as they get a good and delightful bite of the life outdoors -such a cheap yet superb treat, isn’t it? After they spend time sitting outside, encourage your kids to engage in active play. Of course, walk the talk. Put down your tablet or your phone, and run around or do some stretching in your backyard. This wooden play set add-on has an easy five-step assembly that will surely bring out the DIY mom or dad in you, in no time.

If you’d rather go for a minimalist play space or would rather build your playground bit by bit, wooden play sets are your best bets. ($229) 

Did you know that a simple seesaw ride can teach your kids about the fundamentals of physics such as balance and vertical motion? You get a classic yet fantastic feel of a heavy-duty totter teeter. Perfect for a nostalgic trip down the memory lane, the seesaw is constructed with cedar lumber and is given a redwood stain. To avoid splinters and the possibilities of falling, this equipment has been designed with safety and security measures. While your kids get to interact with their siblings or with other kids from the neighborhood, they also get to tap the world of gravity and inertia long before they formally learn it. Not bad for a $229 price tag, right?

Protect your kids from falling from as high as 12 feet by investing on professionally-installed playground surface. (Price upon Request) 

If you want a surface that does not need continual replenishing and raking, then look at investing on the Poured-In-Place-2-Layer Rubber. Though it is considerably pricier, and require professional installation, you are assured that your outdoor and indoor play space will reap the benefits of two-layer rubber surface. On top of being ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible, this playground safety surfacing protects your child from falls up to 12 feet high.

An affordable yet effective way to get safety surfacing in your playground is to get rubber wear mats. ($70) 

Kids who up the ante of playground fun are best equipped with additional protection. The Playsafer Rubber Wear Mats is a cheap and easy way to make their every fun play a safe one. You can place these under swings or slides to prevent dispersion. It also acts as a shock absorber in potentially high impact areas. For parents who are raising kids and aim to decreasing carbon footprint, this mat is made from 100% recycled tire material. A safe and effective playground barrier is always welcome to get make sure that you’ve got your backyard playground safety in check.

Decide if you’d get professional installers or you’d go DIY. 

Playground installation costs could either make or break your quest to get a cheap yet high-quality kid play set. Playground Equipment team suggests that your backyard playground will unfold successfully with the aid of the Supervised Installation option.

The Supervised Installation is best for those with tighter budget concerns. With the help of parent volunteers in the family and in the neighborhood, 1 or 2 of our installers will be assisting and guiding your team to build your play set easily. Remember to scale this project and get your tools and gears in place on top of a timeline since some play equipments need several hours to build.

For those parents who still want to save a bit more, Playground Equipment has made sure that all sets and components come with a comprehensive and digestible manual.

Let’s Go All Out on Active Play!

After your affordable yet sturdy and hand-built residential playground is up, round up the parents and the kids, too. Host a playground picnic party to give yourselves a pat on the back and take this time to thank and interact with those who made this project possible. As you invest your hard-earned money in an affordable backyard playground, you also invest on building a better, more connected, and more active relationship with your family and neighbors, too.

Still clueless or undecided on what to get for your kids? Get in touch with our friendly and ready Playground Equipment team today.

Learn about the author: Jennifer Holmes

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