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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Saturday, May 31, 2014

Affordable Commercial Playgrounds for Every Budget

While budget cuts make playgrounds fewer and farther, the benefits that it holds still remain true and beneficial. Studies have shown that kids are more likely to perform better in academics as they learn the foundations of creative problem solving, indoor and outdoor play must be given due importance. For schools, daycares, parks, zoos and other recreational areas for children,  Playground Equipment team has put together the best budget options that are sure to bring delight and highlight your child’s development, one play at a time.

Sharpen Toddlers’ Motor Skills Indoors and Outdoors in One

Learning is never too early when infused with play time.

A startup daycare needs a space where kids could get in touch with the world of play and learning. By investing $1,759 on the Plastisol Deck Cruise-a-Long, children crawling and climbing this play equipment get to sharpen their motor skills. The beauty of this easy-to-assemble and movable playset is that it could be taken indoors or outdoors. Safety hand rails and scaled stairs ensure that young children could explore and challenge their new world as they engage in safe, fun play.

Limitless Fun for a Limited Space 

Limited budget and limited space need not forego quality fun time.

Prepare to get more than what your budget and space has bargained for with the Child Center 2. You get a tic-tac-toe panel, a slide and a stairway that will maximize every inch of your your recreational center. This already has pre-drilled holes for surface mount is priced at $1,899. Should your space and budget allow you to go bigger, check out Child Center models 3, 3x, 4, 5 and 6.

Tactile Play and Active Play for Infants and Toddlers

Tiny crawlers and newbie walkers have fun with their first brush with sun and sand!

Active play is best when the elements of nature are at play, too. Built with design that encourages children to identify shapes and patterns through touch, this affordable play set is an exploration site of tiny crawlers and newbie walkers. If you’re rushing to make it to your store’s grand opening day, the First Play Toddler needs only 3 hours of installation. At $3,098, 6 kids can come together, and take play to a higher level.

Trim the Budget, Go Big on the Themed Play

You’ll never get lost in kid’s voyage in the world of pretend play.

More than being priced much lower than other themed playsets, the Raiders of the Lost is built for kids 2 to 12 years. Climb your way up a rock wall, or play hide and seek on the stairs. Three slides bring make three kids happier and healthier all at once. As kids of all ages create their own versions of pretend games that stirs their imagination while rousing more social interactions, your $19,466 investment is surely a good buy, and a great hit among kids as let their dreams set sail and soar high.

16 Kids Go Classic and Feel Fantastic 

Kids of all ages can finally engage in free play, all day.

Big bunch, tiny budget? Count on Norma-Lee to get kids from 2-12 years old in one commercial playspace which is good for a group of 16 excited, fun-loving children. Since this design has posts that can readily be secured into concrete footings, you can save more on foregoing installation cost. Parents who might be reluctant to let their kids play freely need not worry since this model has been certified by ASTM and CPSC. Now, ain’t this a fair deal $6,426.28?

Shaded Playspace Meets Accessibility 

Make inclusion part of everyday interaction; as you keep a cheerful shade on!

A big canopy that can shield your kids from sun and sudden rain no longer needs to be bought separately. Though the design is sleek, the height of the commercial play set reaches 48 inches above the ground. This opens kids to scale new heights as they conquer their own frights. The angle of the single velocity slide is meant to avoid falls and injury. Priced at $9,197.59, the Shades of Play is also completely ADA compliant as it features transfer platform and a set of manageable climb stairs that are suited to kids of all ages and all abilities.

Promote fitness with intense fun that kids couldn’t resist.

Encourage kids to stretch their muscles as they get fit. A great way to let them appreciate exercise is to let them have fun while at it. Instead of making exercise sound like a chore or a routine, turn to the Get Physical Alpha and see who has the best time to beat as kids make their way to the floating tunnel climber, the pod walk, and the fitness poles. For $6,264, kids as young as 5 to 12 get to learn the importance of fusing fun and fitness.

Recreational areas breathe life to families who bond better together.

If your recreational area calls for an indoor play system, but you’d rather proceed with a
installation with caution on your budget, the Turbo Copter System 5 has ticked your fun time, fit time checklist. As your kids slide and glide their way in and out of the tubes and ladders, get ready to hear the kids laugh their heart out. Pegged at $16,241, this  is favorably low on cost as compared with its counterparts.

See the See Saw Surprise 

Learn the basics of physics while riding a seesaw.

See saws are iconic when it comes to playgrounds, be it indoors or outdoors. For old souls, the classic teeter totter goes for as low as $538. Since this is made of steel, it can support a hefty weight of kids who want to see the world from the top and the bottom. While at it, they get to learn about the basics of physics like force and inertia, before they formally learn them in school.

Due to the changing times, builders now offer a quirky 4-Seat Teeter Totter that can get 4 toddlers to play and work together. As they push their weight through their feet, they get a bouncing motion rather than going up and down. More importantly, as they bounce their way to this kind of play, they are also able to strengthen their bodies early on.

Add in ADA Approved Play Components 

Hop and hoop -an irresistible game for kids of all abilities.

Who says shooting hoops need to be done while running and jumping? This ADA Funhoop ($550) allows inclusion in any outdoor play space. See how far the games and laughs go as kids breathe life to their own version of getting the ball in their numbered hoops. To give kids with special needs an easier time to bond with their playmates, don’t forget to place Wheelchair Ramps ($720) where they are needed.

High Traffic Play Areas Need Sturdy Surfacing 

Dynamic play calls for mats that are budge-proof.

If your budget string is thin, don’t worry as you can still get the best surfacing to avoid injuries among kids who bustle their way in and out of the play space. Square DynaMats only cost $100 per piece and need not have concrete pads for them to for them to be set in place. Making sure that you’ve got your safety checks cover ensures that kids and parents will come back more often to your place.

Shock absorbent Surface from WoodCarpet (Price Upon Request) 

Want to decrease play-related injuries? Turn to cost-effective wood fiber flooring.

The first ever engineered wood fiber for playground surfaces is not only low cost. It is also easy to set-up and maintenance is done periodically. This type of surface meets the safety standards set by CPSC, ASTM, and ADA. Commercial play area flooring, that have natural wood fibers, have fewer incidences of falls and bumps as they are guaranteed to handle the impact of falls that are as high as 8 feet.

Get Reasonably Priced, Worry-free Installation

Though you can always stick to the manual, bigger play sets that are common among recreational centers is better done with the aid of professional builders and installers. The Full Service Installation option from Playground Equipment crew is available nationwide and comes with the guarantee that your plan in mind will come to life when you want it, and how you want it done. Get in touch with us via our contact page or a live chat online to discover the best plan and options that are in store for you and your commercial play  system needs, today!

Learn about the author: Jennifer Holmes

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