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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maintaining playground safety for your child

The world is a difficult and strange place to be, danger may just be in every place and done by anyone, even in the playground and even by a child. Thus, safety should always be observed, may it be on commercial playgrounds, indoor playgrounds, at school, or even within the walls of your own home.


Parents have been programmed to make their children’s safety their top priority. It is every parent’s nightmare if something bad happens to their child. With this in mind, having children requires each parent to work hard and even go beyond regular measures to ensure the safety of our kids, at home, school, or even at the residential playground. Before even buying or going to different places, parents are sure to have almost everything right in their bags.

Along with safety comes the health and wellness of a child. Residential, commercial, or indoor playgrounds along with the playground equipment that are installed or structured within the area offer numerous benefits to a child. Playgrounds provide children with a place for having new friends, gaining new experience, exercise, and develop skills for self-development. As parents, however, though it is known that playgrounds have a lot to offer, parents should take the initiative to be cautious and check for faulty equipment and look over the behavior of their children with other kids while maintaining the distance so as not to seem overprotective. This allows the children to make the most of their playtime having fun and learning new things.

Having a child is one of the most tedious tasks a person may be faced with. Your guidance would determine how your kids would deal with other kids, how they would abide by the rules and regulations, and even how much control you would have over him. Training your child to become obedient is not an easy task, especially if it goes beyond his natural instinct. However, what’s more difficult is dealing with other out of control kids who are harassing or harming your own child. While other parents see this as a path towards social interaction and developmental skills towards other children, circumstances may prove otherwise.

Free playing time may just be as violent as letting them use scissors without supervision. As children tend to become curious and be ruled by their emotions, they have the tendency to try everything and anything. Through this process, young children are able to develop their personalities on their own. However, it would be wise to give the full supervision your kid deserves. Some children may react differently from the expected; some may be violent in an event that they wouldn’t want to share toys or even feel threatened by the mere presence of another child in a crowded playground or even in an indoor playground where kids are controlled. As such full supervision is required when taking your kid to new places of socialization to assess and analyze the situation and have a safe place for you and your child.

No to child safety
The playground may give your child the much needed experiences he or she deserves. However, it should be noted that child safety may also require children to get knocked down or bruised even once in a while. Children’s play time should require supervision. Conversely, most of the time, parents tend to over supervise and step into the border of over protectiveness and see playground injuries as a negative thing in a crowded playground.


Playground injury statistics showed that youngsters are deprived of the amount of knowledge they could acquire due to their risk-averse parents. With this, skills such as resourcefulness, independence, and self-regulation are controlled or even deprived of the children. The overall development of a child lies within the amount of time balanced in school and at play. While he is learning various lessons in school, kids should also be given time with the rest of the kids where he could apply the lessons taught from school.

Though parents may just be focused on the safety of their children, they fail to realize the need for kids to actually enjoy their leisure time. Other than overprotective parents, other factors that lead to this involve too much schoolwork and lack of understanding from parents.

Reality in Playgrounds
Recent studies published in the Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that from 2001 to 2008, an average of 218,851 children were treated due to injuries caused by playground equipment. Among these cases, 67% covered playground equipment failure. Between these years, forty deaths were associated to playground equipment caused mostly by asphyxiation.

The Center for Disease Control and prevention reveals playground accident statistics in 2001where more than 200,000 children aged 14 years and below suffer from playground-related injuries every year. Contrary to popular belief, the playground may be regarded as an unsafe place for your kids. Moreover, 45 percent of these injuries cover severe fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, and even amputations.


The research titled, Special Study: Injuries and Deaths Associated with Children’s Playground Equipment by Tinsworth and McDonald further showed that public and crowded playgrounds at schools and daycare centers is where 75% of nonfatal injuries related to playground equipment occur. Between 1999 and 2000, 147 children died in playgrounds. With this harsh reality, every parent will definitely opt for protecting their children even more.

Work-Life-Play balance even in kids
With kids, there will always be play. Balancing their school with play is important especially for kids to gain the skills that they require. As parents, it should be your jobs to have your kids enjoy their childhood while honing them with the right amount of playtime and school works.


Child safety is a must for every kid and by every parent. However, playtime is just as important as safety. Parents should take the initiative to run through checks on their children and on the residential playground itself. Keep a certain distance from your child and be able to monitor the development or discoveries you kids go through while in the playground.

When kids get out-of-control
Other than the playground equipment, playtime is directly involved with other children. Playtime with other children contributes to the development of physical skills such as muscle control, balance plus hand-and-body coordination. At the same time, social skills are honed through constant encounters with other kids. With this natural instinct of children, the activeness leads to tantrums, temper, and losing control during playtime.

Children who are out of control are a direct reflection of the adult or parental guidance that they have. Out-of-control means kids who are disrespectful, selfish and bossy, having no sense of authority, and demanding.

As parents, you should learn how to manage the time and attention you are giving to your child. You would not want to see your kid pushing other children around and deliberately does wrong things in public right?  Studies have shown that by the age of three and four, children already have the concepts of right and wrong. Though at a very young age, they already have the concept and yet find it difficult to process as this requires reasoning. Parents should in turn go for explaining these things to their child such as explaining that a simple punch, kick, or hurtful word is violence.


On the other hand, if you are the parent of the kid being bullied, it would be best to advise your kid to stay away from that bully. Sounds right? No, not really. These kids are out of control for various reasons which may not be part of your business. As such, you have to act as an adult and explain to both sides the different effects and the resolution to the trouble caused. Instead of being angered by the situation, you should extend your compassion and never get tired explaining the things that the kid should understand in order for him to have a brighter future.

Role of the Parents
Having no control over your kids impedes the dynamics of families and relationships inside and outside the home. As parents see that they do not have control over their child, they tend to develop anxieties and even lose sleep in the process. This is not an isolated case as most families struggle with this problem during the first few years of their child. You are the parent and you have all the authority that you must exercise.

Parents must take on full responsibility over their child and help prevent injuries and accidents before it could happen in a public place such as a crowded playground or even anywhere it is needed. With proper playground injury prevention, children will be able to go through any injury or any type of bullying done to your child. Apart from supervising the actions of your child, parents should start at their own homes as this is usually the root cause of problems regarding control. Studies have shown that children with behavior problems are often the result of a dysfunctional home or relationship. As such, you should not only blame or consult with your husband about this; the entire family should be involved. According to Debbie Pincus, creator of the Calm Parent: AM & PM, to change the problem, you need to get the focus off the “symptomatic” one and instead onto the relationship patterns in the family.


Another issue that results to children having problems focuses on the overprotectiveness of parents. Pincus explains that being the anxiety sponge in the family, the child never gets to resolve their own problems or ineffective patterns. This then causes hyperactivity, learning issues, or behavioral or social symptoms which they apply or carry on up to their schools and in the playground.

Parents should be observant and be able to recognize the problem. Having full attention to the family issues and problems helps you avoid these problems from occurring in the future. Parents should set rules that are reasonable and clearly explained to their children. Helping the kid understand is the best way to discipline other than yelling and injecting fear to the child. Once all these steps are recognized and applied, discipline will surely be an easier task for your kid at school and at the playground.

To ensure further safety of the child in the playground, parents must check the available playgrounds within the community, check the surfaces, playground equipment, and ensure supervision. Safety of the child is always and forever will be the priority of every parent. Try working on various playground equipment while exposing your child to crowded playgrounds frequently. This way, your child will be able to cope up with kids and see the playground equipments such as slides and sand boxes along with playing with other kids a fun way to play. This will also help your child see another light even with a problematic household as an avenue to relieve stress. Accidents will always occur and yet being prepared or having full control of the things within your grasp such as disciplining your child and even the playground that your child is playing at will enable you to ensure the safety of your beloved kid!

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