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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Playground Picnic Hacks for Fit and Fun Kids

Tot Town Sand & Water Snack Shop
RSVP lessens the likelihood of shortage on picnic drinks and food.
Picnics and playgrounds are not only truly nostalgic, as they are recreational areas that allow us to spend time outdoors. Playground picnics give us our much-deserved leisurely break from the constricts of our daily routines and must-do’s. A good way to up the ante of playground picnic is injecting themed play that instantly morphs your playtime to a mini party. This leisurely activity effortlessly develops your kids’ unstructured creative spark. After all, who can resist the idea of munching homemade goodies on a park with carefree kids who believe that they can actually conquer the world while riding down a slide, right?

However, the true test of making a picnic fun is when kids not only spend a grand and creative time with nature while playing. Due to the sedentary lifestyle that is impeding kids across America, picnic in a playground can be a channel for kids to get fit through physical activities while learning the ropes of healthy eating. This simple bonding time between you, your kids and your circle, too, could be made manageable and special by looking into these curated playground picnic hacks.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nature-themed Playground Project for Parents and Kids

Nature origins garden arch
Nature-themed playtime is meant to raise a generation of kids who value good and green lives.
America is caught in the middle of the questions to be answered regarding raising kids in the hopes of a better, bigger, and bountiful future. In the recent years, parents, educators and other organizations have dabbled incorporating technology and achievement-based activities as they try to decipher a progressive parenting style. A study done by the U.S. Nature Conservancy revealed that 88% of today’s children spend their time in front of a computer. To counteract the perils of the computer-centric sedentary lifestyle, highly competitive organized sports and homeworks occupy any given child’s schedule. The result - a nation teeming with very young children battling obesity and are dealing with stress, anxiety, and even depression. According to Richard Louv, pediatricians have expressed that this generation of kids have the lowest life expectancy which is attributed largely to sedentary lifestyle. Parents seem to be at loss as they are torn in drawing the line between child development and unsustainable yet seemingly promising growth. Some say that they empathize with their children as they have to juggle the trend of “All School Work, No Play” routine to cope with the so-called modern time.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Safe Play, Fun Play: Public Playground Safety Guide

Freestanding bell panel
Accessibility gives kids the precious and practical right to play and dream all-the-way.

More than being a grandiose stage and a subtle social space, a playground is your children’s first battleground. With every step up and climb down, they get to know that life is not all rosy, as sometimes, a misstep or a sudden jump can turn bloody.­ As kids get a taste and feel of the scorching sun, the gusty winds, the nerve-wrenching snowfall, and a possibly great fall, parents ought to don their “playground supervision” hat on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Benefits of Playground Interaction for Parents and Kids

7 feet high Early Childhood T Swing
In the same manner that your child is never too early to learn, your child is never too early to play.
Three hours of homework after at least six hours in school, learning a new language or polishing off an extra-curricular skill, too many hours fiddling with a tab or phone –these are the items found in the checklist of children who aspire to live the so-called American dream.

As if this is not enough to make you cringe, child centers for infants and toddlers have been modified to rouse very young minds to put their thinking caps as they forge an alliance with education without much regard to real flow of their uncontrollable emotions.  Though these activities widen the horizon of infant, toddlers and school-aged kids in hopes of maximizing their development, the formative years of U.S. kids are rather highly prone to a sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle, which is governed by these glossy competence-based learning plus poor eating habits, has resulted to 15% of kids aged 6 to 19 to suffer from the perils of obesity.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maintaining playground safety for your child

The world is a difficult and strange place to be, danger may just be in every place and done by anyone, even in the playground and even by a child. Thus, safety should always be observed, may it be on commercial playgrounds, indoor playgrounds, at school, or even within the walls of your own home.


Parents have been programmed to make their children’s safety their top priority. It is every parent’s nightmare if something bad happens to their child. With this in mind, having children requires each parent to work hard and even go beyond regular measures to ensure the safety of our kids, at home, school, or even at the residential playground. Before even buying or going to different places, parents are sure to have almost everything right in their bags.