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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Monday, January 6, 2014

How Playground Equipment Teaches Fathers the Paradoxes of Playing?

Cobra Coil Slide

He loves you wearing cap from his favorite baseball player, even if it annoys you. He would buy you toy cars, robots and lots and lots of books to read.

He teaches you to read even before pre-school does so. He buys shirts too large for you but still make you look innocently adorable. He loves cutting your hair too short because (according to him) it is a school rule. He would walk you to and from the school every single day without fail; always standing with a pair of spectacle shades clipped on. He patiently accompany you for hours of tiring play down the commercial playground nearby. He is your playmate bounded by blood. He is your hero more valuable than gold.  He is the man with the biggest heart and to whom you share the best adventures with – your father.

The world radically began when fathers were not seen as caretakers of the children, a role often vested in the mother. His influence was seen as minor, sometimes negligible and his importance was defined by how well he provided the family.

This wave slowly take the ship and point it north with newly designed studies beginning to analyze the impact of fathers to the child’s growing stage. In United States alone, study reveals that 33.5% of children live without their biological father and that 70% of the Americans believe that father’s absence is the most significant problem in every households in America. Majority of these studies affirm that involved father helps in the development of cognitive, behavioral and general well-being of a child. The way father’s play with their children also has significant effects on a child’s emotional and social development. It is found out that fathers send a higher percentage of their one-on-one interactions with infants and preschoolers in playful activity than do mothers. A father’s love is just as important to the child’s development, psychological adjustment and uprightness as that of a mother’s.

It may seem small – sometimes we overlook the obvious – but fathers can learn oodles of life lessons to greet life’s curves with their kids during playground time.

Enjoy the Life Ride like a Slide
Slide is probably one of the child’s playground favorites. Notice your child climbs to the top of the wave slide through the ladder and sits down on the top and slides down the dip. Look at her smile during his first try, then the second time, third, fourth.  Much like slides, life denotes that before you even enjoy the ride of life, you have to cope with the steep climb. Challenges too are always ahead of your way. There is no road map for life but people will point you to the right direction, or at least they think it is. They would tell you what career you should take, what you should and not do, what morals to believe in and what God to worship. They will tell you the lessons of life. All their meddling will place you in a position of stress, pressure and living up to expectations of people. Doing the same routine every day, going on the same direction every morning and evening, to work and back, you might not notice but these sheer prying is what builds you. These are the gears that make you enjoy the slide ride.

Swing is the Motion of Living
A swing may be the first playground experience. A swing does not only taught about the science of force and acceleration but also one of the best lessons in life, and that is, how you adapt yourself to every movement of life. It is more of the aesthetics of how you control every things life may offer. It elucidate us how to view things and the abstract of measurements, whether we’ll still be constant with our movements or we’ll change the motions of living and eventually get out of our comfort zone. However, it is not as easy as it sounds for some.  Defying gravity and the force of swings might take a special dangle like how a Bipod Wheelchair Swing lifts you and back. Though some are physically challenge, no playground can obscure the picture of happiness and hope. Your decisions might, very soon, change its colors, tainted by validation or disapproval of others but that’s what makes humanity beautiful.

Tic Tac Toe: Playing with Real Life’s X and O
After you glazed your eyes over pretentious boredom, you looked up and searched for your kid. He is done with the swing and is now sitting in front of giant panels of X and O. While you watch him solved the giant puzzle, you realize that the freestanding Tic Tac Toe panel might be one of the not-so-favorite-play-stuff in playground but beyond doubt has a purpose and a worthwhile part of the totality of the playing arena. Tic Tac Toe is not just all about playing with the ‘X’ and the ‘O’ but it defines how we maneuver with oracles in life. It also signifies how we take and make shared decisions accordingly. With this game, you will soon realize that you can always let the plus outweigh the minuses. Proper strategies will let you tiptoe around and recognize threats in life like players contributing to sabotage the game of life.

Keep The Intuition of Mutuality With Seesaw
Seesaw has been a typical playground equipment we’ve used to play into on our playing field. You found your son sitting at the edge of the seesaw, trying to go up and down, unsuccessfully, by himself. You stood up and went to the other end of the seesaw. The boy was ecstatic. For one, it was the first time that his father played with him at the playground. Second, the seesaw started working as he wishes. Such seesaw experience can emphasize the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Nevertheless, there are things we should know about the true perspective of a seesaw. In life, seesaw symbolizes the art of ups and downs of existence and change. Like a simple transition of a typical seesaw, we might experience being in a setting of hardships and triumphs but still it moves on what position we wanted to. It all depends on us. Seesaw can also teach us the value of balance and the merit of companion. Sit with someone and choose their state. Listen with their laments and let them listen to yours. You cannot be so concerned with only yourself. Life is full of beauty all on its own but is twice as satisfying when sharing it with someone. Mutuality is one of the best gifts in life and sometimes as simple as riding a seesaw with someone is worth the while.

A Merry Go Round Life Succession

5 Seat Merry Go Cycle

Feet-tall merry go round has a purpose more than just spinning you at a stationary stand. This roundabout disk can teach us more than just the academic lessons from our four-walled offices. This has given daddies subtle tidbits of reality you too might find along the way. Why do you think life is littered with terror bosses and colleagues who are selfish and unreasonable? These are the things that we should actually be thankful for. Life without them is static and boring. They will be your raft when you are left sinking into yourself. Remember life is a sustained cycle that everyone should deal with. It also tutor us how to drift the speed of different momentum and period of time.

Theme Play: Learn The Rules and Break Some
Like house rules, different sets of themed playground equipment requires simple conventions. You learn to conform and coordinate with others. Theme play taught us to be creative individual, to appreciate the things in life and to make the most out of these things. It’s really nice having colleagues of different kind, of conflicting ideas, decisions and interests but what matters is how you hold yourselves together like on stage in a theme play. In life, there is no do overs and take backs, play the game harmoniously but never settle for less when you already experienced the best. Learn the rules and break some for it is when you best experience failures and you get to learn to stand up like a play warrior.

Peculiarity of Climbing Panels and Balance Trax

Chain Climbing Wall

Picture a scene of kids hiking through playground climber and balancing through platform dips which are available in most commercial playgrounds. Just like your kid, you can barely see the oath but you don’t know where it leads. In life, not knowing where you will end up is what inspires you to travel it. Acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. Keep the balance in life. Living a balanced life is an integration of those components of life that are truly imperative to you. Draw a sharp distinction of your priorities; family over work, health over wealth, education equals recreation. If you drop one of these, all will be scuffed, nicked and even shattered.  While assisting your kid in the playground, you can see their hopes and fears. You get to see a greater story behind the story that is incalculable power and draw peculiarity of life’s most important issues while in the midst of the balancing showground.

No father has a small heart not to see the invaluable life lessons our children and playground has taught us. It is said that we are made immortals through our children. As we nurture them to be fine individuals and grow into responsible citizens, a part of us lives on and perpetuates through eternity.
As every aspect of our daily lives become hyperconnected, try to push things a few feet backward.

Forget that you are old enough to play again and let yourself unravel what it all meant after all the years. Let your kids play with real deal rather than pixels. Together, enjoy your experiences for it is the true teacher. Savor it and let it be yours. Trust your life lessons learned from playing experiences over other’s speculations. That is all you will ever have.

Have a decade of laughter, a century of contentment and an eon of best life lessons with your child’s second training ground – playground.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article!! I loved it and enjoyed the metaphors used for play!! It's imperative that families understand how play is a huge part of the way kids understand their world. It's also great how you tied a father's presence to the picture; it's definitely a huge issue for many families when a father is not present!