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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Monday, December 9, 2013

Evolution of Play, Revolution of Gender

Breaking the Pink Aisle for Adventurous Play Sets and Playground Equipment

Ever since we can remember, the general rule for gift giving was this-anything black, blue, mechanical, pirate play sets, metallic, cars, etc. are for boys while dolls and anything pink are for girls. It’s a stereotype that people didn’t wanted to get out of, until the “breaking the pink aisle” revolution broke out.

Blooming Fun

This revolution made the internet scene and earned the attention of hundreds of parents after Goldieblox released their Princess Machine viral ad. But, maybe the copyright lawsuit the Beastie Boys filed against them added to this publicity.

Pushing that aside, there’s still something troubling. Research shows there is a link to the lack of female engineers and the usual gender play stereotyping.

America's First Playground

Did you know that America's first playground was in Golden Gate Park located in San Francisco, California? And it is still there! Founded in 1887, the playground was groundbreaking for the time period. It featured swings and slides, and a cart ride pulled by a goat.

A Roman temple style carousel was the highlight of the park. The Roman style enclosure still exists today, though the current carousel inside the enclosure was manufactured in 1912. The carousel was so popular it was featured at the 1939 World's Fair.
Carousel at Golden Gate Park

Now known as the Koret Children's Quarter, the playground features swings, crawl tubes, slides, planks, a rope climbing structure, and the carousel. There are large grassy areas and designated spots for dogs to play.


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