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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Monday, September 23, 2013

Keeping Your Playground Safe

Playground safety is a very important issue. From 2001-2008 there were over 218,000 playground injuries, 51% of which where on public playgrounds. Since 1995, approximately $1.2 billion has been spent because of public playground injuries. The infographic on the right has even more detailed information about playground injuries and how they can easily be prevented.

Prevention by supervision is probably the easiest way to prevent injury. Approximately 40% of playground injuries are a result of lack of supervision. However, no amount of supervision will prevent injuries if the equipment is not safe!

How can you be sure that your public playgrounds are safe to use? You can always contact your manufacturer to schedule a yearly playground inspection. While you wait between inspections, you can keep an eye on your equipment yourself!

You might be thinking, "how will I know what to inspect?" We have a detailed checklist posted on our website that will help you inspect your playground! Feel free to print it off to always have it handy. You can reach the checklist by clicking here.

keep your playground safe
By performing routine inspections on your own, you will know if a problem arises that needs a professional eye. These routine inspections can catch problems early on and prevent possible injuries due to the problem. If you do find a problem contact your manufacturer immediately!

Safe and happy playing!

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