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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Thursday, September 12, 2013

Drawing Design Inspiration

When designing a new playground it can seem overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. If you are planning on a large structure it can be difficult to decide what to pair with it, or even what type of structure you want in the first place. If you decide to go with a small structure you may be wondering what independent play elements to pair with it, or if you should add a second small structure.

Why not draw inspiration from those who will be using the playground? A southeast Atlanta community did just that! This article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlights the building of a playground at Dobbs Elementary School, a school that has not had a playground in over 10 years. In search of inspiration for a playground design, children and adults in the community were able to submit playground drawings!

It is always great to go right to those who will be playing on the playground. They can tell you exactly what they want in their playground. Combining the most popular elements on these drawings can lead you to a great playground that all children will love.

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