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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Monday, December 17, 2012

Playground Safety Tips for Kids

Kids love to go to a playground and explore different play sets. Whether it’s a slide or a swing set, children make sure they play on every equipment installed in the playground. In such a situation, it becomes quite a difficult task for the parents to make their kids to be careful. If playgrounds are fun, they also bring the risk for kids to get hurt while playing. Factoring on the following tips would help your kids to be safe in the playground.
  • Make your children play on age appropriate playground equipment.
  • Ensure they wear all the safety gear like helmets, knee pads while riding a bicycle in the playground.
  • Make them wear slip proof tennis shoes before going to the playground.
  • Check all the pointy edges and rough surfaces in the play set are properly covered before making them play on it.
  • There may be broken glass pieces, garbage or stray animals in the playground. Do not allow your kids to go near such hazardous things.
  • Make sure your kids do not play in sandbox. After a period of time public sandbox becomes a breed ground of bacteria and hazards.
  • Do not let your kids wear drawstrings, hoods or loose-fitting clothes while coming for playground. Such clothes may get entangled with child playground equipment and may become a cause of injury to them.
  • Visit a playground that has superior quality rubber mulch under the playground equipment. This reduces the risk of getting injured due to falls from play sets.

How to Avoid Playground Injuries?

Kids are fond of the playground. They can skip their meal but would never miss a chance to visit a playground and take a ride on all the play equipment. But all that glitters is not gold. Though playgrounds are fun but kids are also prone to injuries on it. As it happens, every year many cases of kids getting injured on the playground happen. We are here with certain things that you can follow to reduce the risk of injuries in your community park.

playground-parkLabel the Equipment

Not all play sets are designed for every kid. Complexity and other factors are incorporated in the equipment as per the age brackets of the kids. Children above 5 years of age cannot play on sets designed for kids ages 5 or below and vice versa. Therefore, it becomes important to categorize these in the playground to avoid the risk of injury. Use fences or signage to differentiate the equipment, making it convenient for the people to judge it.

Quality of the play sets

Purchase the equipment for your community park from IPEMA certified manufacturer. Such builders offer only superior grade play sets. Also, ensure that ASTM and CPSC guidelines have been stringently followed by the manufacturer while constructing it.


Whether it is metal or plastic playground equipment, make sure you install high grade rubber mulch under it. Such mulch provides proper cushioning to the surface and prevents the injuries resulting from falls.

Things to Consider while Choosing a Play Set

It can be very confusing to select playground equipment when you have so many options. Whether you are buying for a commercial park or backyard playground, it is essential to choose the set that not only runs high in fun factor but is also safe for children. To make the job easier for you, we are here with certain points that would lead you to the right playground equipment.

outdoor-playground-equipmentConsider the material used for building the play set. It would be either plastic, aluminum, metal or wood. No matter which equipment you select, ensure that it has been constructed with durable material that can last long in the playground.

Put your hand on the equipment that is manufactured as per the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC. Make sure you buy an ADA compliant play sets so that physically challenged kids can also play with other children on it.

Check there is no pointy edge on the equipment that can harm the kids. If you found one, ensure that it is properly covered before the final purchase for the safety of children. Also, ensure that playground equipment is installed with anchors like bars, railings and hinges to provide the proper grip to the kids at the needed places.

Whether you purchase from retail or wholesale playground equipment manufacturer, consider that he is certified by IPEMA certification. This would clearly state that he is involved in selling superior quality play sets to the customers.

How to Create a Commercial Playground?

Playground will always be the first choice for kids. Hence, it becomes important for the playground builders to make it not only provides fun but also safe for kids. We are here with certain factors on which you should think upon while designing the layout of the playground.

safety-harnessWhen somebody thinks about a playground, the first thing that strikes his mind is play set. There are various equipment like see saws, dome climbers, play houses, swings sets, slides that are a hit in the playground. Before you purchase the one for your park, ensure that it is made of commercial grade material in adherence with the guidelines defined by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Your job is not over. After installing the play sets, categorize them as per the age brackets of kids. You can use signage and fencing to differentiate the equipment. This would educate the guardian and parents to judge which playground set is age appropriate for their kids.

As per the recent revision adapted to American with Disabilities Act (ADA), commercial playground should be accessible by kids and adults with special abilities. So, it would be a great move to design a wheel chair accessible playground. Equipment are also required to be ADA compliant, therefore, make sure you install the play sets on which physically challenged kids can also equally enjoy with other children.
Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Significance of Preschool Play Set

Playground experience is primarily viewed as an opportunity for children to develop physical skills. For this reason, preschool structures should have a variety of play options for young kids to explore their abilities. Preschoolers have the chance to discover their own ability from spending time on a well- equipped playground with proper deck heights to ensure safety of the children while at the same time offering some kind of challenge to young kids. According to public playground safety handbook, preschoolers are beginning to use flexible climbers and upper body devices and therefore preschool play equipment should meet the guidelines set by consumer product safety commission. For instance, preschool structures with overhead elements help preschoolers develop upper body strengths and cardiovascular fitness. On the other hand, low decks offer kids the right challenge which helps them to build confidence and strength.

Well- equipped preschool playground can stimulate a variety of play types among children. Available evidence indicates that a Child's social and cognitive development occurs during the preschool years and is therefore dependent upon play activities of the child. According to National Association for the Education of Young Children, outdoor play is an integral part of the curriculum for young children's emotional, cognitive and physical development. Preschool playground should not be designed as though children's play needs are limited to simply running around. Most young kids are able to symbolize, create and construct with their minds and thus calls for the need to having proper preschool play equipment.

Chaille, C. & Silvern, S. (1996), in their book "Understanding through play" Childhood Education, revealed that play gives children an opportunity to make sense through the use of available tools. It is through play that children understand the world and in the process, adults come to understand the children. Preschool play equipment is a medium for children's social, physical, emotional, psychological, cognitive and language development.

Playground Trends and Types

Playground is an essential part not only to the Child's physical growth, but also mental strength. Social, cognitive and emotional skills of children are better developed while on playgrounds. Over the last few years, playground designs have greatly changed transforming from haphazard collection of single play sets to new concepts that offer multiple fun games within a single structure.Emerging playground trends tend to offer balance in playing, learning, with benefit of nature. Modern playgrounds offer challenging opportunities to children while at the same time provide them with a chance to learn new skills.

There are different types of playground and each contributes to the wellbeing of your child. For instance, traditional types of playgrounds include slides, swings, and see saws. As much as these are recognizable to children, they do not provide cognitive or social play. A contemporary type playground joins different pieces forming a continuous piece which is multifunctional. It encourages educationally worthwhile forms of play. Adventure playground on the other hand allows your child to create their own imaginative games, offers flexibility, and satisfies both the cognitive, social and physical development of children.

Playgrounds are fast moving beyond the parameters of being a single large piece of equipment to a blend of commercially designed equipment that combine natural elements such as sand, water or plantings. Naturalistic advancement to playgrounds has developed over the years and this realization is taking toll on most playground areas. Children require different play opportunities to complete their social, intellectual, and physical needs. Structured games, creative play, quiet play and shared play should be done in a space big enough to accommodate all these. Organization and landscaping of playgrounds play an important role to children's safety. The play structure can be great but when the playground is not, you child might get injured. Playgrounds should offer ambiguity which stimulates fantasy play but at the same time provide stages of difficulty to enable children choose goals they wish to accomplish.
Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Installation Images

I am excited to show you the results of another great installation! This Two-Top Khamun Play System was recently installed in Addison, IL.



Things to consider before choosing a Playground Equipment Manufacturer

mini-playgroundThe unique charm offered by playgrounds will give any child unending craze for this piece of equipment. Anyone thinking of purchasing a playground either for home use or school use, it is vital to consider the following factors with regard to playground equipment manufacturer.With many manufacturers out there, you need to be sure your child or children are using equipment that meets the right standards. For instance, it is mandatory for the manufacture to be a member of international play equipment manufacturers association. The manufacture should also provide proof of certification by the same association.

Regardless of the type of material playground equipment manufacturer uses, the equipment should satisfy the parameters and guidelines set by American society for testing and materials as well as consumer Product safety commission. When your manufacture has all these clearances, you can be sure that whatever you buy from them is of high quality and very reliable.Various manufactures specialize in producing different types of equipment. If you are shopping for indoor equipment, check online for indoor playground manufactures. For other types of equipment, carry out similar search.

The Future of Play sets is here

Children of all abilities need to have fun and engage in some form of physical activity. Accessible playground equipment is one way through which adults can foster friendship, build skills and create a perfect environment for children. Play must be inclusive and by doing away with any form of barriers, every child will have an opportunity to have unending fun while out playing. Needs of children with disability are quite varied and therefore the first step in providing accessibility to play space entails understanding these needs. Play sets that can meet these needs regardless of children's ability are the most ideal accessible playground equipment you need to choose. For instance, play set can feature physically challenging routes and ramp- accessible routes to enable all children play side by side.

diggerDisability goes beyond physical limitations. Children with sensory, cognitive and mobility impairments have needs and accessible play sets should meet these needs accordingly. America disability act introduced guidelines and bear minimums that playground equipment should meet. Sand boxes play panels, Swings, ramps and water features are some of the popular compliant ADA play sets. Accessible playground equipment offers parallel play experience for children and when combined with ramps, decks, berms and modules, the playground will meet any kind of needs your child might have.

Accessible playground equipment designs offer the right space for every child to feel comfortable while playing. It integrates elements that work for all the different ability level into one space. Without doubt, ramped playground offers more fun for everyone. Mothers with children on strollers can easily access any part of the playground, grandparents or adults on wheel chair or with walkers are able to access any part of the playground. Everyone is brought together with the all-inclusiveness of ramped play set. Accessible playground equipment is thus seen as the future of play equipment.

Have Fun on the Merry Go Round

Merry go round playground is a small playground for children to play. Children love to play in it. There are many varieties of merry go round play ground. It has a small flat disc with bars for holding. The flat disc has a diameter of 2 to 4 meters. More than 6 to 8 child can play at a time in merry go round.One person will rotate it and others will be spinning in the flat disc is attached to a vertical steel pole. In this generation modern motors are used for rotating.

merry-go-roundThe main disadvantage of merry go round is, if it is rotated at high speed the children will be thrown away and they might get injured. Some children will get the feel of vomiting due to severe stress.Standard metals are used for making this playing equipment. More over the metals can be recycled. It is more fun for playing in merry go round playground.

It is important to consider a few points while buying any playground equipment. Merry Go Round, See-Saw, Swings or whatever you buy, make sure that the manufacturer has used durable and sturdy material in the manufacturing process and everything has to be as per the safety standards laid out.Once the playground has been set, ensure kids are under supervision while playing.