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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Future of Play sets is here

Children of all abilities need to have fun and engage in some form of physical activity. Accessible playground equipment is one way through which adults can foster friendship, build skills and create a perfect environment for children. Play must be inclusive and by doing away with any form of barriers, every child will have an opportunity to have unending fun while out playing. Needs of children with disability are quite varied and therefore the first step in providing accessibility to play space entails understanding these needs. Play sets that can meet these needs regardless of children's ability are the most ideal accessible playground equipment you need to choose. For instance, play set can feature physically challenging routes and ramp- accessible routes to enable all children play side by side.

diggerDisability goes beyond physical limitations. Children with sensory, cognitive and mobility impairments have needs and accessible play sets should meet these needs accordingly. America disability act introduced guidelines and bear minimums that playground equipment should meet. Sand boxes play panels, Swings, ramps and water features are some of the popular compliant ADA play sets. Accessible playground equipment offers parallel play experience for children and when combined with ramps, decks, berms and modules, the playground will meet any kind of needs your child might have.

Accessible playground equipment designs offer the right space for every child to feel comfortable while playing. It integrates elements that work for all the different ability level into one space. Without doubt, ramped playground offers more fun for everyone. Mothers with children on strollers can easily access any part of the playground, grandparents or adults on wheel chair or with walkers are able to access any part of the playground. Everyone is brought together with the all-inclusiveness of ramped play set. Accessible playground equipment is thus seen as the future of play equipment.

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