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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Significance of Preschool Play Set

Playground experience is primarily viewed as an opportunity for children to develop physical skills. For this reason, preschool structures should have a variety of play options for young kids to explore their abilities. Preschoolers have the chance to discover their own ability from spending time on a well- equipped playground with proper deck heights to ensure safety of the children while at the same time offering some kind of challenge to young kids. According to public playground safety handbook, preschoolers are beginning to use flexible climbers and upper body devices and therefore preschool play equipment should meet the guidelines set by consumer product safety commission. For instance, preschool structures with overhead elements help preschoolers develop upper body strengths and cardiovascular fitness. On the other hand, low decks offer kids the right challenge which helps them to build confidence and strength.

Well- equipped preschool playground can stimulate a variety of play types among children. Available evidence indicates that a Child's social and cognitive development occurs during the preschool years and is therefore dependent upon play activities of the child. According to National Association for the Education of Young Children, outdoor play is an integral part of the curriculum for young children's emotional, cognitive and physical development. Preschool playground should not be designed as though children's play needs are limited to simply running around. Most young kids are able to symbolize, create and construct with their minds and thus calls for the need to having proper preschool play equipment.

Chaille, C. & Silvern, S. (1996), in their book "Understanding through play" Childhood Education, revealed that play gives children an opportunity to make sense through the use of available tools. It is through play that children understand the world and in the process, adults come to understand the children. Preschool play equipment is a medium for children's social, physical, emotional, psychological, cognitive and language development.

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