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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Monday, December 17, 2012

Playground Safety Tips for Kids

Kids love to go to a playground and explore different play sets. Whether it’s a slide or a swing set, children make sure they play on every equipment installed in the playground. In such a situation, it becomes quite a difficult task for the parents to make their kids to be careful. If playgrounds are fun, they also bring the risk for kids to get hurt while playing. Factoring on the following tips would help your kids to be safe in the playground.
  • Make your children play on age appropriate playground equipment.
  • Ensure they wear all the safety gear like helmets, knee pads while riding a bicycle in the playground.
  • Make them wear slip proof tennis shoes before going to the playground.
  • Check all the pointy edges and rough surfaces in the play set are properly covered before making them play on it.
  • There may be broken glass pieces, garbage or stray animals in the playground. Do not allow your kids to go near such hazardous things.
  • Make sure your kids do not play in sandbox. After a period of time public sandbox becomes a breed ground of bacteria and hazards.
  • Do not let your kids wear drawstrings, hoods or loose-fitting clothes while coming for playground. Such clothes may get entangled with child playground equipment and may become a cause of injury to them.
  • Visit a playground that has superior quality rubber mulch under the playground equipment. This reduces the risk of getting injured due to falls from play sets.

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