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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Avoid Playground Injuries?

Kids are fond of the playground. They can skip their meal but would never miss a chance to visit a playground and take a ride on all the play equipment. But all that glitters is not gold. Though playgrounds are fun but kids are also prone to injuries on it. As it happens, every year many cases of kids getting injured on the playground happen. We are here with certain things that you can follow to reduce the risk of injuries in your community park.

playground-parkLabel the Equipment

Not all play sets are designed for every kid. Complexity and other factors are incorporated in the equipment as per the age brackets of the kids. Children above 5 years of age cannot play on sets designed for kids ages 5 or below and vice versa. Therefore, it becomes important to categorize these in the playground to avoid the risk of injury. Use fences or signage to differentiate the equipment, making it convenient for the people to judge it.

Quality of the play sets

Purchase the equipment for your community park from IPEMA certified manufacturer. Such builders offer only superior grade play sets. Also, ensure that ASTM and CPSC guidelines have been stringently followed by the manufacturer while constructing it.


Whether it is metal or plastic playground equipment, make sure you install high grade rubber mulch under it. Such mulch provides proper cushioning to the surface and prevents the injuries resulting from falls.

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