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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let the Kids Benefit from Playing Outside

The community playground or the church playground or even your backyard play area is nothing short of the great outdoors for kids. Children can benefit a lot from playing outside and soaking up all the good things benign nature has to offer on a good day.

Playing outside makes kids happy- always! Wouldn’t you agree that the usual ambiance in a park or a playground consists of squeals and laughter of happy kids with smudged faces and tangled hair? Unadulterated happiness! That is what playing outside brings to the kids. They laugh while running around and these activities give their hearts and lungs some healthy exercise. Added advantage of laughter- spruced up immunity against diseases!

A couple of hours every day in the park make kids more adventurous and outgoing. They will never hesitate from giving a shot to new experiences and will have a keener, sharper and fresher mind. Playing surrounded by nature brings them closer to it. They learn faster about natural phenomenon and learn to identify and appreciate flowers, birds and other elements of nature.

Outdoor play allows children to exert themselves and this healthy exertion of muscles helps them to grow better and never be prone to obesity. Playing helps them stay fit and reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes or other heart conditions. Another major health benefit of playing outside is the absorption of Vitamin D which is made possible by playing in the sun. Sun is the only source ofVitamin D and kids need this nutritional element to have healthy bones and muscles.

Encourage your kids to play outside and have unlimited fun on exciting outdoor playground equipment.

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