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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Keep Kids Safe on the Playground?

Are you worried about your kids' safety while they are exploring different play sets in the playground? You are not alone. Here are the certain tips that you can follow to keep the kids safe on the playground.
  1. Make your kids wear required safety gear like knee-pads & helmets when roller skating or riding a bicycle in the playground.
  2. Ensure your kids do not wear hoods, drawstrings and loose-fitting clothes to the playground as these would increase the risk of strangulation if they get stuck on any playground equipment.
  3. Make your kids play on only the equipment that is appropriate for them as per their age.
  4. Kids should wear tennis shoes with slip-proof bottoms to the playground. Do not let them wear shoes with sling-backs or open toes.
  5. Play set like public sandbox usually becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and hazards. Do not let your children to play in them.
  6. Playground structures can be infected with germs; therefore, it would be great if you make your kids wash their hands after playing on them.
  7. Playgrounds may have trash, broken glass and stray animals. Do not allow your children to play near these.
  8. Ensure that kids’ playground equipment adhere to the safety standards.

Avoid taking kids to a park that has asphalt, concrete, dirt or grass surface under the play set. Instead visit a playground which is covered with high quality mulch to minimize the risk of injury due to falls.

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