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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Choose Wooden Playground Equipment?

Playground Equipment is generally available in plastic, wood and metal. But when it comes to select finest quality playground equipment, people choose wooden play sets. This equipment is considered more strong and durable then metal & plastic play sets.

Wooden playground equipment is designed using redwood, cedar, timber, which are virtually splinter free and naturally resistant to insects and decay. Also, it has been noted that the wooden play sets are more dimensionally accurate in comparison with plastic and metal playground equipment.

Unlike metal play sets, wooden playground equipment does not corrode and crack easily. Talking about plastic play sets, these are cheap but soon degrade under bright sunlight or rain, whereas wooden play sets can easily withstand harsh climatic conditions, UV rays and other weather hazards. The life of wood playground equipment is twice as long as metal and plastic play sets.

While designing wooden playground equipment, safety measures are also stringently followed. All the wood play sets are installed with necessary bars and hinges to negate the risk of any kind of injury. Besides, these are also environment-friendly play sets which raises their demand among the customers.

Now that you know the benefits of wooden play sets, you must select the one for the church, school or community playground. Not only commercial parks, you can also install the residential grade wooden playground equipment in your backyard.

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