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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Favorite School Playgrounds

Schools all over the country are starting up for another year of fun and learning. For most kids, their favorite part of the day is recess. And who can blame them? They can run and play outside and be loud!

My elementary school playground was a lot of fun. We had swings and horizontal bars, monkey bars and a fireman's pole. We even had a fire truck frame that was always used as the home base when playing tag.

Triple Horizontal Bars
But my favorite part of the playground was this giant orange tube on one end of the play system. It went from the top level to the ground and had holes along the tube to use as foot and hand holds so you could climb inside or on the outside of the tube. I have never seen anything else like it on any other playground I've been on. It is still at my elementary school and I hope that kids now have as much fun on it as we did then.

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