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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Improvements.. With a Tube Slide

Are you looking to make a home improvement any time soon? How about adding a tube slide off of your deck? We get hundreds of calls every year from people who want to put slides in their homes, off their decks, and even offices that want to install slides from one floor to the next.

10 ft. Tube Slide
This is a highly customizable business. From slide heights to colors, we can customize a slide for you! Simply measure the height of your deck, or area that you want your tube slide. Account for the twists and turns a tube slide makes so the tube can be properly designed to fit your space.

All of the plastics and metals involved are commercial quality. The same quality used in public playgrounds, water parks, and more. The plastics come in a variety of colors.

Depending on the size of the slide, the tube components come assembled at the factory and connected to limit actual installation times. The tubes are 30" in diameter.

I hope that some day I can have a tube slide off the back of my deck! Maybe my boss will help me out.. :)

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