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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Did You Know the Benefits of Wooden Playground Equipment?

If you are looking to add high quality play set to your backyard playground for your kids, invest your money in Wooden Playground Equipment. These play sets not only run high in “fun” factor but are also the safest for children.

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The common materials used for building the playground equipment are metal, plastic and wood. But wooden playground equipment stand firmly in your backyard for years on end as compared to metal and plastic play sets. Unlike wooden playing set, metal equipment is prone to rust and when the corrosion starts, it bends easily.

Though plastic playground equipment is cheap, but the quality and safety are usually compromised. With constant exposure to climate, plastic playground equipment easily crack and fade under rain and sunlight. With the fact that wooden playground equipment is eco-friendly, parents are also more likely to install wooden playing set in their backyard.

Redwood is the most recommended wood for designing the play set for kids as it provides durability, longevity and quality to the equipment. This wood is a natural decay resistant and virtually splinter free. It gives a stable frame to the play set, therefore, it can withstand harsh climatic conditions, UV rays and other weather hazards. You can order finest quality wooden playground equipment from that also provides installation services to the customers.

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