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PlaygroundEquipment Blog
Monday, December 17, 2012

Playground Safety Tips for Kids

Kids love to go to a playground and explore different play sets. Whether it’s a slide or a swing set, children make sure they play on every equipment installed in the playground. In such a situation, it becomes quite a difficult task for the parents to make their kids to be careful. If playgrounds are fun, they also bring the risk for kids to get hurt while playing. Factoring on the following tips would help your kids to be safe in the playground.
  • Make your children play on age appropriate playground equipment.
  • Ensure they wear all the safety gear like helmets, knee pads while riding a bicycle in the playground.
  • Make them wear slip proof tennis shoes before going to the playground.
  • Check all the pointy edges and rough surfaces in the play set are properly covered before making them play on it.
  • There may be broken glass pieces, garbage or stray animals in the playground. Do not allow your kids to go near such hazardous things.
  • Make sure your kids do not play in sandbox. After a period of time public sandbox becomes a breed ground of bacteria and hazards.
  • Do not let your kids wear drawstrings, hoods or loose-fitting clothes while coming for playground. Such clothes may get entangled with child playground equipment and may become a cause of injury to them.
  • Visit a playground that has superior quality rubber mulch under the playground equipment. This reduces the risk of getting injured due to falls from play sets.

How to Avoid Playground Injuries?

Kids are fond of the playground. They can skip their meal but would never miss a chance to visit a playground and take a ride on all the play equipment. But all that glitters is not gold. Though playgrounds are fun but kids are also prone to injuries on it. As it happens, every year many cases of kids getting injured on the playground happen. We are here with certain things that you can follow to reduce the risk of injuries in your community park.

playground-parkLabel the Equipment

Not all play sets are designed for every kid. Complexity and other factors are incorporated in the equipment as per the age brackets of the kids. Children above 5 years of age cannot play on sets designed for kids ages 5 or below and vice versa. Therefore, it becomes important to categorize these in the playground to avoid the risk of injury. Use fences or signage to differentiate the equipment, making it convenient for the people to judge it.

Quality of the play sets

Purchase the equipment for your community park from IPEMA certified manufacturer. Such builders offer only superior grade play sets. Also, ensure that ASTM and CPSC guidelines have been stringently followed by the manufacturer while constructing it.


Whether it is metal or plastic playground equipment, make sure you install high grade rubber mulch under it. Such mulch provides proper cushioning to the surface and prevents the injuries resulting from falls.

Things to Consider while Choosing a Play Set

It can be very confusing to select playground equipment when you have so many options. Whether you are buying for a commercial park or backyard playground, it is essential to choose the set that not only runs high in fun factor but is also safe for children. To make the job easier for you, we are here with certain points that would lead you to the right playground equipment.

outdoor-playground-equipmentConsider the material used for building the play set. It would be either plastic, aluminum, metal or wood. No matter which equipment you select, ensure that it has been constructed with durable material that can last long in the playground.

Put your hand on the equipment that is manufactured as per the guidelines defined by ASTM and CPSC. Make sure you buy an ADA compliant play sets so that physically challenged kids can also play with other children on it.

Check there is no pointy edge on the equipment that can harm the kids. If you found one, ensure that it is properly covered before the final purchase for the safety of children. Also, ensure that playground equipment is installed with anchors like bars, railings and hinges to provide the proper grip to the kids at the needed places.

Whether you purchase from retail or wholesale playground equipment manufacturer, consider that he is certified by IPEMA certification. This would clearly state that he is involved in selling superior quality play sets to the customers.

How to Create a Commercial Playground?

Playground will always be the first choice for kids. Hence, it becomes important for the playground builders to make it not only provides fun but also safe for kids. We are here with certain factors on which you should think upon while designing the layout of the playground.

safety-harnessWhen somebody thinks about a playground, the first thing that strikes his mind is play set. There are various equipment like see saws, dome climbers, play houses, swings sets, slides that are a hit in the playground. Before you purchase the one for your park, ensure that it is made of commercial grade material in adherence with the guidelines defined by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Your job is not over. After installing the play sets, categorize them as per the age brackets of kids. You can use signage and fencing to differentiate the equipment. This would educate the guardian and parents to judge which playground set is age appropriate for their kids.

As per the recent revision adapted to American with Disabilities Act (ADA), commercial playground should be accessible by kids and adults with special abilities. So, it would be a great move to design a wheel chair accessible playground. Equipment are also required to be ADA compliant, therefore, make sure you install the play sets on which physically challenged kids can also equally enjoy with other children.
Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Significance of Preschool Play Set

Playground experience is primarily viewed as an opportunity for children to develop physical skills. For this reason, preschool structures should have a variety of play options for young kids to explore their abilities. Preschoolers have the chance to discover their own ability from spending time on a well- equipped playground with proper deck heights to ensure safety of the children while at the same time offering some kind of challenge to young kids. According to public playground safety handbook, preschoolers are beginning to use flexible climbers and upper body devices and therefore preschool play equipment should meet the guidelines set by consumer product safety commission. For instance, preschool structures with overhead elements help preschoolers develop upper body strengths and cardiovascular fitness. On the other hand, low decks offer kids the right challenge which helps them to build confidence and strength.

Well- equipped preschool playground can stimulate a variety of play types among children. Available evidence indicates that a Child's social and cognitive development occurs during the preschool years and is therefore dependent upon play activities of the child. According to National Association for the Education of Young Children, outdoor play is an integral part of the curriculum for young children's emotional, cognitive and physical development. Preschool playground should not be designed as though children's play needs are limited to simply running around. Most young kids are able to symbolize, create and construct with their minds and thus calls for the need to having proper preschool play equipment.

Chaille, C. & Silvern, S. (1996), in their book "Understanding through play" Childhood Education, revealed that play gives children an opportunity to make sense through the use of available tools. It is through play that children understand the world and in the process, adults come to understand the children. Preschool play equipment is a medium for children's social, physical, emotional, psychological, cognitive and language development.

Playground Trends and Types

Playground is an essential part not only to the Child's physical growth, but also mental strength. Social, cognitive and emotional skills of children are better developed while on playgrounds. Over the last few years, playground designs have greatly changed transforming from haphazard collection of single play sets to new concepts that offer multiple fun games within a single structure.Emerging playground trends tend to offer balance in playing, learning, with benefit of nature. Modern playgrounds offer challenging opportunities to children while at the same time provide them with a chance to learn new skills.

There are different types of playground and each contributes to the wellbeing of your child. For instance, traditional types of playgrounds include slides, swings, and see saws. As much as these are recognizable to children, they do not provide cognitive or social play. A contemporary type playground joins different pieces forming a continuous piece which is multifunctional. It encourages educationally worthwhile forms of play. Adventure playground on the other hand allows your child to create their own imaginative games, offers flexibility, and satisfies both the cognitive, social and physical development of children.

Playgrounds are fast moving beyond the parameters of being a single large piece of equipment to a blend of commercially designed equipment that combine natural elements such as sand, water or plantings. Naturalistic advancement to playgrounds has developed over the years and this realization is taking toll on most playground areas. Children require different play opportunities to complete their social, intellectual, and physical needs. Structured games, creative play, quiet play and shared play should be done in a space big enough to accommodate all these. Organization and landscaping of playgrounds play an important role to children's safety. The play structure can be great but when the playground is not, you child might get injured. Playgrounds should offer ambiguity which stimulates fantasy play but at the same time provide stages of difficulty to enable children choose goals they wish to accomplish.
Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Installation Images

I am excited to show you the results of another great installation! This Two-Top Khamun Play System was recently installed in Addison, IL.



Things to consider before choosing a Playground Equipment Manufacturer

mini-playgroundThe unique charm offered by playgrounds will give any child unending craze for this piece of equipment. Anyone thinking of purchasing a playground either for home use or school use, it is vital to consider the following factors with regard to playground equipment manufacturer.With many manufacturers out there, you need to be sure your child or children are using equipment that meets the right standards. For instance, it is mandatory for the manufacture to be a member of international play equipment manufacturers association. The manufacture should also provide proof of certification by the same association.

Regardless of the type of material playground equipment manufacturer uses, the equipment should satisfy the parameters and guidelines set by American society for testing and materials as well as consumer Product safety commission. When your manufacture has all these clearances, you can be sure that whatever you buy from them is of high quality and very reliable.Various manufactures specialize in producing different types of equipment. If you are shopping for indoor equipment, check online for indoor playground manufactures. For other types of equipment, carry out similar search.

The Future of Play sets is here

Children of all abilities need to have fun and engage in some form of physical activity. Accessible playground equipment is one way through which adults can foster friendship, build skills and create a perfect environment for children. Play must be inclusive and by doing away with any form of barriers, every child will have an opportunity to have unending fun while out playing. Needs of children with disability are quite varied and therefore the first step in providing accessibility to play space entails understanding these needs. Play sets that can meet these needs regardless of children's ability are the most ideal accessible playground equipment you need to choose. For instance, play set can feature physically challenging routes and ramp- accessible routes to enable all children play side by side.

diggerDisability goes beyond physical limitations. Children with sensory, cognitive and mobility impairments have needs and accessible play sets should meet these needs accordingly. America disability act introduced guidelines and bear minimums that playground equipment should meet. Sand boxes play panels, Swings, ramps and water features are some of the popular compliant ADA play sets. Accessible playground equipment offers parallel play experience for children and when combined with ramps, decks, berms and modules, the playground will meet any kind of needs your child might have.

Accessible playground equipment designs offer the right space for every child to feel comfortable while playing. It integrates elements that work for all the different ability level into one space. Without doubt, ramped playground offers more fun for everyone. Mothers with children on strollers can easily access any part of the playground, grandparents or adults on wheel chair or with walkers are able to access any part of the playground. Everyone is brought together with the all-inclusiveness of ramped play set. Accessible playground equipment is thus seen as the future of play equipment.

Have Fun on the Merry Go Round

Merry go round playground is a small playground for children to play. Children love to play in it. There are many varieties of merry go round play ground. It has a small flat disc with bars for holding. The flat disc has a diameter of 2 to 4 meters. More than 6 to 8 child can play at a time in merry go round.One person will rotate it and others will be spinning in the flat disc is attached to a vertical steel pole. In this generation modern motors are used for rotating.

merry-go-roundThe main disadvantage of merry go round is, if it is rotated at high speed the children will be thrown away and they might get injured. Some children will get the feel of vomiting due to severe stress.Standard metals are used for making this playing equipment. More over the metals can be recycled. It is more fun for playing in merry go round playground.

It is important to consider a few points while buying any playground equipment. Merry Go Round, See-Saw, Swings or whatever you buy, make sure that the manufacturer has used durable and sturdy material in the manufacturing process and everything has to be as per the safety standards laid out.Once the playground has been set, ensure kids are under supervision while playing.
Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Install the Playground Equipment?

Your job does not end with purchasing different play sets for your backyard. To make sure, these provide unlimited fun to your kids and last long, you need to install them in the right place. We are here with certain tips that you can follow while locating the play sets in the yard.

You must leave 6-foot fall zone in all directions of the play set. It is essential to keep the space around the equipment free of any kind of obstacle including fences, bushes or hard surface that may result in the injury to children. Check that no sharp object like branch or stake is present near to the backyard playground equipment.

Do not leave equipment wobbling in the playground. Use requisite tools to make it stand firmly on the ground. In addition to this, you can also install non-skid strips at the places, which has a better grip on the equipment. Moreover, add bumper pads to cover and cushion the edgy corners of the play sets.

It has been seen that most of the kids' injuries are due to fall from the equipment in the playgrounds. To avoid such a situation in your backyard, you must cover the surface with recycled rubber mulch.

Remember, play sets get degraded after a course of time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect the playground equipment installed in the yard after regular time interval. In case you locate any defect, immediately task action to repair or replace the play set.
Monday, November 12, 2012

The November Pick of the Month

Clash of the Tridents Play System
We are nearing the half way point of November, which just does not seem possible! With this post I want to take a look at November's Pick of the Month, before it is time for December's!

The Clash of the Tridents Play System is designed for ages 2-12. The inspiration for the structure's name came from the three slides at one end that are fork shaped. A fourth slide is also featured! A sea creature climber and a ship's wheel round out the theme! Bongo drums are mounted at the ground level for a musical twist. Kid's will have a wonderful time playing on this structure and using their imaginations.

This structure is ADA accessible. Clash of the Tridents Play System comes standard in the yellow, blue, and red color scheme as shown. Other colors are available, just ask customer service for a full list!

Overhead of Clash of the Tridents
Make sure you take advantage of this great deal before November is over!
Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Install Recycled Rubber Mulch in Backyard Playground?

Before you install any playground equipment in your backyard, make sure to cover the surface with recycled rubber mulch. This is considered as premium quality mulch that provides the cushioning surface and eliminates the risk of any kind of injury from falls to kids.

Recycled Rubber Mulch is made after recycling loads of old & used rubber material such as van tires, rubber pipes, cycle tubes and waste rubber and the like. These post-consumer materials get shredded and de-vulcanized to acquire high quality fresh rubber mulch. Moreover, all the imperfections and impurities are removed from the material in this recycling process.

Recycled rubber mulch has an edge over other playground mulch. It soaks the water quickly, providing dry and non-slippery surface to the kids for various activities. With its high absorbing tendency, this mulch is an ideal option to cover the surfaces which receive high precipitation. In addition, they have an expected life term of about 20 to 25 years, much longer than any other surface option.

In fact, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States gives a nod to recycled rubber mulch as it prevents the growth of weed or fungi underneath and keeps the environment neat and safe.

After covering the surface, you can choose to buy safe metal playground equipment for your backyard. These are constructed as per the guidelines laid by ASTM and CPSC guidelines and run high on fun factor.
Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween :)

Halloween means a lot of things. Trick or treating, dressing up, scary movies and haunted houses! It also brings October to a close and welcomes the month of November. Whatever your Halloween traditions may be, stay safe and enjoy the holiday!

Today I am thrilled to bring you pictures from an install that is finishing up this week! All that is left is to put down the safety surfacing. This structure is the Skippy Squirrel Tree Fortress Play System.

If this picture has you thinking about what you would like installed, just contact our sales team and they will be happy to assist you!



Monday, October 29, 2012

Last Chance at October's Special!

As October winds down and we look forward to November we invite you to take advantage of the last few days to order the October Pick of the Month!

Lil' Alfalfa Play System
October featured the Lil' Alfalfa Play System. This structure is designed for children ages 2-5 and is perfect for smaller spaces. It is also great for larger playgrounds that would like to designate a structure for the younger children.

The Lil' Alfalfa Play System features a slide and three types of climbers. This structure also features an ADA transfer point as well! A drum is also mounted on one side to allow kids to be musical.

The structure comes standard in the colors shown, however, you can choose any colors you want!

Contact us today before the special runs out!
Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tips for Choosing Home Playground Equipment

Selecting playground equipment for the backyard is certainly not an easy task. You need to do a bit of homework to get to the right play set. Start with looking for different types of backyard play sets on internet. Here are certain things that you can consider while selecting the play sets for your backyard.

There are different types of play sets available online. To narrow down your choice, measure the size of your backyard. By this, you will get an idea what type of play sets you can place for yard. Ensure that there would be ample of space left for the kids in the yard to perform other activities after installing the play sets.

These are available in metal, wood and plastic, no matter whichever play sets you are choosing, make sure its manufacture has International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) certification. It means that he deals in offering only finest quality play sets to the customers. Note that the play set is designed as per guidelines defined by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

To be sure of the safety of kids, ensure that the home playground equipment is installed with bar, hinges, railing and other necessary anchors. Before buying, you must check all the pointy edges or rough surfaces in the sets are properly covered.
Friday, October 5, 2012

Why to choose Recycled Playground Equipment?

Now that you have decided to make a private playground for your kids in the backyard, your next move would be selecting some nice and wonderful play sets. You can easily get various types of backyard play sets made with superior quality materials. An option is to buy recycled playground equipment.

These not only add fun to children's play but are also considered superior than regular play sets. Recycled equipment is made of large chunk of dumped plastic materials such as used plastic milk jugs, plastic water bottles and the like. The process of making building recycled play equipment needs less water, energy and other resources as compared to regular sets. Your step to buy recycled play sets would definitely help out in conserving the natural resources.

Unlike regular playground equipment made of steel, wood or metal, recycled sets inhibit the bacterial growth. These are strong & sturdy and can be used in your backyard for years on end. Compounded with permanent UV-stabilized colors, the equipment eliminate the need for staining, painting, resurfacing, stripping and waterproofing. These do not splinter, crack or rust and can easily absorb the moisture at any amount. Moreover, recycled playground equipment can be cleaned easily with little water and soap.

It has also been seen that the life expectancy of recycled sets is twice as long as regular playground equipment. Merry go round, see saw are some of the recycled equipment that you can select for your backyard.
Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Choose Commercial Playground Equipment?

Playgrounds are fun. When a person thinks about them, the first thing that comes to mind is fun-filled play equipment and children. These are the prime accessories of the playgrounds. But the fun element will be at its peak only if you install the right play sets. For this, you need to consider certain factors before buying the equipment.

There are wide variety of play sets like play house, see-saw, swings sets, slide sets, climber and so on, made using metal, wood and plastic. You should select the one constructed with high quality material which can easily withstand harsh weather conditions.

The next thing that you should look for is the quality. Make sure the manufacturer of equipment you are choosing has IPEMA certification and the equipment is constructed it as per the guidelines defined by American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

While selecting the commercial playground equipment, you should also consider the safety of kids. Check if the manufacturer has installed hinges, railings, bars and other necessary anchors at the required places in the equipment. Also, ensure that there is no rough surface or pointy edge in it that can harm the kids.

Now that it has become mandatory to install ADA compliant play sets in the playground, it would be wise if you choose to purchase ADA playground equipment.

How to Create Safe Backyard Playground?

Creating backyard playground is certainly not an easy task. But if you plan wisely, you will be able to provide a safe and fun-filled private play area to your kids.

Firstly, you should search some of the backyard play sets on Internet that run high in fun factor. You know the size of your yard; go for the one which can easily fit in, leaving adequate space for kids to try other stuff too. If your backyard is smaller in size, you can look for medium sized swings, sandboxes and slides.

Choose the backyard play set after considering its quality and material used in designing it. Ensure that, it should be durable, strong and is constructed in adherence with the National Safety Standards including ASTM and CPSC guidelines.

Another aspect that you can consider while selecting outside playground equipment is the age of your kids. For instance if you have kids below 6 years of age then go for play sets like short slides and stumpy hollow. Install play equipment like dome climbers and swing slides if your kids are school goers.

For providing safe play area to kids, it would be a great if you install recycled rubber mulch in backyard playground. It provides cushioning surface and protect the kids from any probable injury. Recycled Rubber is long lasting and can be placed in the playground for comparatively longer time than any other surfacing option.

How to Keep Kids Safe on the Playground?

Are you worried about your kids' safety while they are exploring different play sets in the playground? You are not alone. Here are the certain tips that you can follow to keep the kids safe on the playground.
  1. Make your kids wear required safety gear like knee-pads & helmets when roller skating or riding a bicycle in the playground.
  2. Ensure your kids do not wear hoods, drawstrings and loose-fitting clothes to the playground as these would increase the risk of strangulation if they get stuck on any playground equipment.
  3. Make your kids play on only the equipment that is appropriate for them as per their age.
  4. Kids should wear tennis shoes with slip-proof bottoms to the playground. Do not let them wear shoes with sling-backs or open toes.
  5. Play set like public sandbox usually becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and hazards. Do not let your children to play in them.
  6. Playground structures can be infected with germs; therefore, it would be great if you make your kids wash their hands after playing on them.
  7. Playgrounds may have trash, broken glass and stray animals. Do not allow your children to play near these.
  8. Ensure that kids’ playground equipment adhere to the safety standards.

Avoid taking kids to a park that has asphalt, concrete, dirt or grass surface under the play set. Instead visit a playground which is covered with high quality mulch to minimize the risk of injury due to falls.
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let the Kids Benefit from Playing Outside

The community playground or the church playground or even your backyard play area is nothing short of the great outdoors for kids. Children can benefit a lot from playing outside and soaking up all the good things benign nature has to offer on a good day.

Playing outside makes kids happy- always! Wouldn’t you agree that the usual ambiance in a park or a playground consists of squeals and laughter of happy kids with smudged faces and tangled hair? Unadulterated happiness! That is what playing outside brings to the kids. They laugh while running around and these activities give their hearts and lungs some healthy exercise. Added advantage of laughter- spruced up immunity against diseases!

A couple of hours every day in the park make kids more adventurous and outgoing. They will never hesitate from giving a shot to new experiences and will have a keener, sharper and fresher mind. Playing surrounded by nature brings them closer to it. They learn faster about natural phenomenon and learn to identify and appreciate flowers, birds and other elements of nature.

Outdoor play allows children to exert themselves and this healthy exertion of muscles helps them to grow better and never be prone to obesity. Playing helps them stay fit and reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes or other heart conditions. Another major health benefit of playing outside is the absorption of Vitamin D which is made possible by playing in the sun. Sun is the only source ofVitamin D and kids need this nutritional element to have healthy bones and muscles.

Encourage your kids to play outside and have unlimited fun on exciting outdoor playground equipment.

Steps to Follow for Creating a Playground

Kids just love to spend time in playgrounds. And obviously it is the best place where they feel free to enjoy in their own way! You must have seen fascinating playgrounds in various public areas that are a great combination of play sets and other amenities.

So, are you planning to design a playground for your little ones? If yes, then with the following simple yet essential steps you can give the best gift to your kids this time. Here are the steps that you need to ponder upon while creating a playground:
  • Types of Playground Equipment: Playground is incomplete without those attractive and fun filled playground equipment that add to its overall appeal. With the availability of a wide array of playground equipment, it is certainly not a difficult task to choose one. See-saw, sand box, dome climber, swing, play house, the list is endless! But make sure you install equipment that is popular among kids.
  • Age Brackets of Kids: When thinking to design a playground, factor in the age of your kids and install play sets that fall under their age bracket. As the designs of playground equipment differ in terms of the age of children so categorize it accordingly.
  • Design Your Playground in Compliance to ADA: As per the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, it is required to design public area's playground in a way that children, caregivers, parents and grandparents with special abilities have an easy access to it.
With the three simple steps given above, you can get success in creating a playground where kids would love to play! This information can be used even if you are designing a church playground. Equipment such as slides, swing sets, climbers and play houses can be installed in the playground that would give kids a great chance to enjoy while interacting with other children.
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

King of the Castle

court-of-kidsToday we are featuring the Court of Kids Play System. It is a great, castle-themed structure that will keep kids imaginations flowing for hours!

With four slides, one of which is a double slide, and castle themed panels and roofs, kids are transformed into another era. The Court of Kids is one of my favorite structures because of the castle theme. What child doesn't love some aspect of a castle? Little girls want to be a princess and boys want to be knights and kings, defending their castle.

This structure is a fantastic opportunity to introduce castle history to children. I had the chance to visit an old castle in Northern Ireland a few years ago and as a college student I was fascinated. Kids will definitely love this one!
Monday, September 17, 2012

A Couple Features Today!

It is hard to believe that September is half way gone! Where did it go?! I know these last few weeks have been crazy for me, but I am happy to announce that I am back to bringing you the latest in playgrounds daily!

Before we feature today's product, I'd like to remind you all of the Pick of the Month! With September quickly coming to a close there are only two weeks left to take advantage of the deal on the Lightning Sailing Ship Play System!

Banana Split Play System
Today I would like to feature the Banana Split Play System. This is a simple play system that features two yellow slides, giving the structure its Banana Split name! It is a smaller structure that is perfect for a smaller space. It is also a very affordable price. With the age range being 2-12 years, this is a perfect system for places with a large age range of children.

Another bonus of the Banana Split Play System is that it is ADA compliant! Children of varying abilities are able to enjoy this play system as well!

Contact us today for more information on the Pick of the Month or the Banana Split Play System!
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guide for Buying Backyard Playground Equipment

If you are also planning to revamp your backyard with some new play sets, here is something for you. No doubt, choosing the right backyard equipment becomes quite challenging when you have a wide variety of options. Well, you can narrow down your choice on the basis of certain things that should be considered while picking up the play set.

Size of your backyard is one of the important factors that you should consider. Look for the play set on the online store that can perfectly fit in the yard. Make sure that there is adequate free space available between two play equipment. No matter whether you are going for plastic, metal or wooden set, ensure that its maker has the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) certification. This certificate means he distributes only superior quality backyard playground equipment.

After considering the quality of the play sets, you should focus upon the safety of your kids. Choose the equipment which is designed in accordance with the guidelines laid by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Also, all the pointy edges on the play sets should be properly covered to avoid any kind of injury to kids.

Definitely, you would like to spend your money on the play set that can stay in your backyard for years on end. So, it would be wise if you choose the background playground equipment that can be upgraded.
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

September's Pick of the Month

Lightning-Sailing-ShipJust as I promised yesterday, our Pick of the Month for September is up a few days early! The new Pick of the Month is..... (drum roll please!) the Lightning Sailing Ship!

This structure is a fantastic deal! The Lightning Sailing Ship is a feature in our themed play systems section. It is designed for children ages 2-12 and is for commercial use. It meets the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) guidelines. An ADA modified version is also available!

Enjoy two double slides, one set of slides is a right turn model and the other set of slides are bump slides. This structure also features a sea creature climber, a drum, and a wheel to steer the ship!

Contact one of our expert associates to order your Lightning Sailing Ship today! Choose all of your colors or order as shown. Don't forget, we specialize in creating a structure just for you, so if you have any special requests do not hesitate to ask us.

Enjoy the Lightning Sailing Ship!
Monday, August 27, 2012

Where Did August Go?

As August is winding down we say goodbye to the Lake Powell Play System as the pick of the month. We also look forward to putting the new pick of the month for September online! Check our site all week to see what will be chosen for September!

While you wait for the new pick, why don't you check out all of our Play Systems? By clicking on that link you will see the play systems are separated into age categories, Child Center systems, PlaySimple systems, themed structures, and in-stock systems. We have divided our play systems into these easy to navigate categories so you can quickly find the right structure!

Check back all week to see what our new feature will be!
Thursday, August 23, 2012

Football is HERE!

I don't know about you, but football is one of my favorite things about the fall. High school football is in full swing, college football is not far behind, and the NFL is half way through the preseason! I always enjoy putting on my jeans and sweatshirt, grabbing some hot apple cider, and watching a game outside.

If you have a local youth football program that is looking for some new equipment, we do have a few items for you to check out. Head over to our Football Equipment page and see what we've got!

Also, don't forget that August is quickly coming to a close! You only have 8 days left to take advantage of the August Pick of the Month, the Lake Powell Play System! This is a great value and has already been taken advantage of by several customers! Don't be left out!
Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Choose Wooden Playground Equipment?

Playground Equipment is generally available in plastic, wood and metal. But when it comes to select finest quality playground equipment, people choose wooden play sets. This equipment is considered more strong and durable then metal & plastic play sets.

Wooden playground equipment is designed using redwood, cedar, timber, which are virtually splinter free and naturally resistant to insects and decay. Also, it has been noted that the wooden play sets are more dimensionally accurate in comparison with plastic and metal playground equipment.

Unlike metal play sets, wooden playground equipment does not corrode and crack easily. Talking about plastic play sets, these are cheap but soon degrade under bright sunlight or rain, whereas wooden play sets can easily withstand harsh climatic conditions, UV rays and other weather hazards. The life of wood playground equipment is twice as long as metal and plastic play sets.

While designing wooden playground equipment, safety measures are also stringently followed. All the wood play sets are installed with necessary bars and hinges to negate the risk of any kind of injury. Besides, these are also environment-friendly play sets which raises their demand among the customers.

Now that you know the benefits of wooden play sets, you must select the one for the church, school or community playground. Not only commercial parks, you can also install the residential grade wooden playground equipment in your backyard.

Benefits of Choosing Recycled Playground Equipment

If you are thinking of buying a play set for your backyard playground, we would suggest you to choose from a wide variety of recycled playground equipment. These certainly have an edge over regular play equipment. Recycled playground equipment is made of post-consumer materials that include plastic water bottles and plastic milk jugs.

Recycled Play sets can easily absorb the moisture and do not rust, crack or splinter like regular play equipment that is made of wood, steel or aluminum. Unlike regular play sets, recycled play sets prevent the bacterial growth. Another advantage of buying recycled play equipment is, it is considered more durable and can easily withstand the extreme weather conditions.

Recycled play equipment is compounded with permanent UV-stabilized colors that eradicate the need for resurfacing, staining, stripping, painting and waterproofing. Also, you can easily clean these recycled play sets in just a few minutes with little soap and water.

Note that, the life expectancy of recycled plastic play equipment  is considered twice as long as playground equipment that is made of wood, steel or aluminum. Owing to its advantages, many parents in the United States also prefer installing recycled play sets in their backyard. Now that you know the benefits of recycled play sets, make the right move and select one for your backyard playground right away!
Friday, August 17, 2012

Featuring Today...

Today we are featuring a modified version of the popular Two Top Khamun Play System. We recently had one of these play systems installed in Ohio and it turned out great! The bright primary colors really let this playground stand out from the rest.

Two-Top-Khamun-Play-SystemThe modified version of the Two Top Khamun Play System does not have a snake climber. Contact one of our sales associates today about this, or any other, modified system. This customer was concerned over an existing playground with a steel climber that had been a problem in the past.

At we feature several standard units, but we specialize in creating custom designs that fit your needs. Custom design any of our standard units with help of our playground experts.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Favorite School Playgrounds

Schools all over the country are starting up for another year of fun and learning. For most kids, their favorite part of the day is recess. And who can blame them? They can run and play outside and be loud!

My elementary school playground was a lot of fun. We had swings and horizontal bars, monkey bars and a fireman's pole. We even had a fire truck frame that was always used as the home base when playing tag.

Triple Horizontal Bars
But my favorite part of the playground was this giant orange tube on one end of the play system. It went from the top level to the ground and had holes along the tube to use as foot and hand holds so you could climb inside or on the outside of the tube. I have never seen anything else like it on any other playground I've been on. It is still at my elementary school and I hope that kids now have as much fun on it as we did then.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Pick of the Month!

The beginning of August can only mean one thing... we have a new pick of the month!

This month's feature is the Lake Powell Play System. This system is designed for the age range 5-12 in mind. The great thing about this pick of the month is that it is in stock and ready to ship!

Head on over to our website and check out the Lake Powell Play System.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Choose the Right Playground Equipment?

Playgrounds are created for kids to have play, run, climb and have fun. But it would be quite hard for them to do that without any playground equipment in the park. Kids always love to visit a playground, which is filled with different types of play sets like slides, playhouses, swings and climbers. If a playground is not installed with play sets, children would probably not enjoy and do everything to avoid going to that park.

Kids get bored very easily. Knowing this fact, you should install some attractive and interesting playground equipment in your park so that they can play and enjoy with other kids. But before you decide to pick up the play sets for your playground, you should look for certain things.

Ensure that the play sets you are opting for are made of commercial grade material, be it plastic, metal or aluminum. Also, make sure that the playground equipment manufacturer has designed the play sets as per the guidelines defined by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

You should also make sure that the design of the play sets is in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Check that the corners and other pointy edges in the playground equipment that can harm the kids are properly covered. Hinges, railing and other anchors should also be installed in the play sets.

Besides, for any more information on how to formulate playground equipment plans, you can contact
Friday, July 27, 2012

Maintaining Good Balance

Straight Balance Beam
With the Olympic Opening Ceremonies starting tonight it is safe to say I have the Olympics on my mind! Gymnastics is one of my favorite events, and thought I may not be a world class gymnast I can enjoy pretending to be one on a balance beam!

We offer several Balance improving products. The most common balance product is the Straight Balance Beam. However, there are a few other types that offer more of a challenge. For example, the Curved Balance Beam steps up the difficulty from a straight balance beam with a curved surface. Another favorite take on the balance items is the Single Button Bounce. These buttons allow kids to bounce as they move from button to button. They are also available stationary for youngsters that just want to move from button to button.
Curved Balance Beam

With this many options, and more, you are sure to find your inner gymnast!

Bounce Buttons

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Having Your Own Olympics

With the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games being tomorrow, all I have had is the Games on my mind. I absolutely love watching the Olympics. All of the events can be exciting, but my two favorite are swimming and gymnastics. I took gymnastics when I was younger and every little gymnast dreams of being in the Olympics.

Parallel Bars
It was always fun to be on the equipment and pretend to be in the Olympics and that the whole world was watching. If you or your kids find yourself caught up in the Games and want to pretend to be some of the world's best athletes then just head to your local playground! You will be surprised at what you can find to have your own Olympic events.

Triple Horizontal Bars
One great item is the Parallel Bars. Not only are they an actual event in the Olympic Games, but they are great for exercise! Building upper body strength is a great benefit of using the parallel bars.

The Triple Horizontal Bars are also perfect for hosting your own Olympic events. They can be considered a modified version of the high bar in the men's gymnastics events.

But don't limit yourself to just modified events! Create your own!
Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Space Themed Playground?

Themed playgrounds are great for imaginative play. The only problem is choosing which theme to go with! The demand for themed playgrounds is on the rise and picking the right theme is always a concern.

Why not go with a space themed playground? The idea of space continues to fascinate kids since it is so unknown. Playing on a space themed playground allows them to pretend to be astronauts walking on the moon, finding alien life, and being a part of a space station.

The Deep Space Tres Play System is a great space themed play system! Provide a space station for kids by installing this system and see their curiosity for space grow.

Deep Space Tres Play System

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dreaming of the Beach

I don't know about you, but I am anxious to be on a beach. The beautiful sunshine has me thinking of sand and water. But when you just can't get to the beach, a beach themed playground will have to do!

Luckily, we have a few beach themed playgrounds to fit your need for the ocean. The Kapalua Beach Play System is a great structure to remind you of a tiki hut on the water. With palm trees and a leaf canopy, you will be taken to the beach while your kids play and have a fun time.

With summer quickly coming to a close, this playground will bring a beach feeling even on the gloomiest of days. 

Kapalua Beach Play System

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When buying Outdoor Playground Equipment

When it comes to buying outdoor playground equipment, you need to consider certain things that can lead you to the commercial grade play sets. There are different types of play sets, such as see-saw, swings sets, play house, climber and so on that are constructed using materials like metal, plastic and wood. Look for the one that is made of superior quality material be it wood, metal or plastic.

Another thing that you should consider while looking for playground equipment is the quality. Ensure that the play sets you are going to buy is IPEMA certified. Also, check that the playground equipment complies with the guidelines laid by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The playground equipment safety measures should also be taken into consideration while designing them. Make sure that your chosen playground equipment is installed with railings, hinges and other essential anchors and all its rough edges are properly covered.

You should select the playground equipment after determining the size of the location, where you are going to install it. You can also seek the professional help in such matter. They can guide you which outside playground equipment would fit the best after analyzing the size of the play set and location.
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outdoor Playground Equipment Buying Guide

There are various outdoor play sets options for you to choose from. But before you choose one, you should consider certain factors like dimensions, quality, safety, and prices. To begin with, you should firstly check the dimensions of the play sets. Knowing the area of your backyard, choose the play set that can not only fit in it but also provide adequate space to the kids for doing other playful activities.

Quality has always been top selling factor of play sets. When shopping for a play set, ensure that it should meet the defined quality and safety factors as well. Check that all the pointy edges in the play sets are properly covered so that it should not harm the kids.

Kids are imaginative by nature. It would be a treat for them if you buy equipment which is loaded with exciting stuff such as rope, ladders, climbing walls and forts. This would not only add more fun to their play time but would also enhance motor, physical, mental and communication skills.

Depending upon the above mentioned factors, the price of child playground equipment varies. After considering all the factors, you can buy the play structures that perfectly fit in your budget. You can also opt for playground equipment.
Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making Playgrounds Accessible for Disabled Children

Recently, the Department of Court Justice has adopted the revisions made to American with Disabilities Act(ADA) Standards. One of the changes also involve playgrounds that are created in communities and other public areas. Under this change, the playgrounds are now required to be accessible by parents, grandparents, and caregivers with different physical conditions.

Not only the play areas should be accessible but the play structures installed in it should also be ADA compliant. Now, as per the new regulation, a certain percentage of ground level playground equipment and above ground play sets should also be made accessible for the physically challenged children.

Children who have special disabilities no longer have to miss out the fun in the playground. They can now reach out for their favorite play set installed in the playground and enjoy with their friends. It has been made possible with ADA Playground equipment.

Besides meeting the ADA Standards, the play structures installed in the park for handicapped and other children should also strictly comply with American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). offers such play sets to the customers on discount. Equipment offered by this store is designed by some of the renowned brands like American Playground, Champion Sports, Child Works, Childforms and Gorilla Playsets.
Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Time Temps Mean Hot Equipment

We are finally seeing a cool down from that string of 100 degree days! Summer temps are still hot and this can really heat up playground equipment. This hot equipment can burn children and cause serious injury if not carefully prevented.

Consider installing a shade over the playground to protect the equipment, and children, from the sun's harmful rays. We offer shades that come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. A custom designed shade is also available.

Not only are you protecting children from being burned by hot equipment, you are also protecting them from a sun burn. Kids will be able to play freely without worrying about being burned.

Not only are shades used for playgrounds, but for pools, picnic areas, and even parking lots! With our large selection you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Contact any of our sales associates to see which shade is the best fit for your play area.
Rectangle Fabric Shade

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, America

I look forward to this day all year. Not with a Christmas-like anticipation exactly, but it is still one of my favorite holidays. Being outside with family and friends, good food, and of course fireworks, help make this holiday great.

What is your absolute favorite thing about this holiday? Is there one year that stands out more than the rest?

No matter how old I get I will always love to play with sparklers. They never cease to fascinate me. I love to draw shapes with them and see the smoke hold the shape. And of course Snap Dragons will always be a favorite. Throwing those little balls of paper on the ground, seeing the momentary spark, and hearing the snapping sound just makes you feel like a kid again.

I absolutely love to watch fireworks. As of right now my plans for tomorrow are still up in the air, but as long as I see fireworks tomorrow night I will be content.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July! Make sure you do something to bring out the kid in you.

Getting festive!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Encouraging Children to Play Outside

I am a working woman and hardly get sufficient time to spend with my kids except on weekends. My children are quite a handful. They are always trying new things and looking for new games to play. Sometime back, I bought a PC and a PSP for them and they spent a lot of time playing on those machines. The fact that they did not want to play outside became a matter of concern to me. So, I decided to take my kids to our community park every weekend.

I still remember the first time I took my kids to the park. A green playground installed with so many swings and slides lit up my kids' eyes. They just rushed to a play set nearby and began playing on it. There were other playground equipment for kids like a see saw, a swing and a dome climber. I saw kids became very impatient while waiting for their turn. So, I discussed this matter with other parents and they decided to install some more and beneficial play set in our community park, where our kids play.
Seth Play System
Seth Play System

It was very clear in my mind, which type of equipment I had to buy for the playground. After browsing the internet for few hours, I came across They offer exactly the kind of play sets I needed. This online store sells commercial grade play sets of renowned brands including Gorilla Playsets, Child Works and Childforms. Moreover, playground equipment offered by this online store meets the defined quality standards and safety measures. After selecting the playsets, I put this proposal before the local authorities and they accepted it.

They bought all my chosen commercial equipment from this online store including two big play houses. Now that our community park is filled with many types of equipment, my kids visit the park even in my absence!
Friday, June 29, 2012

Keeping Rooney Cool

You may have seen on our website that we have an office mascot! He is a sweet little guy named Rooney and he is sure to brighten your day.

With it being so hot out it is important that we keep Rooney hydrated and cool. Pets need to be kept safe in the heat just like kids do.

Swimming, water parks, and sprinklers are great ways to let kids enjoy being outside without getting overheated. We offer a few solutions as well.

We have several sand and water tables as well as Aqua Building Blocks. Kids can explore a creative side when building and stay cool at the same time!

While Rooney would prefer a nap in the shade, or a dip in his baby pool, kids will love these building blocks!

Aqua Building Blocks
Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keeping Fitness Fun

Fitness doesn't always have to be boring. You can incorporate fitness into any park or playground with several of our fitness items. We have several fitness items for children and adults.

Triple Horizontal Bars
When I was in elementary school there were a few fitness items on our playground and I remember always playing on the horizontal bars at recess. While I had a lot of fun playing I was building upper body strength and stamina.

It is important for kids to be active and if you can disguise fitness as fun then kids will have no complaints!

Help your kids build strength, stamina, and balance all while they have fun!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Playground Equipment is Helpful in Your Kid's Growth

Playground Equipment plays an important role in the growth of the kids. Children are always ready to learn new things and play sets give them the wide platform to discover basic logics and develop different skills while putting their thoughts into action on the equipment.

Blue Ridge Overlook Playset: Gorilla Playsets
Equipment like enclosed spaces and tunnels, bring challenge for the children. Kids develop their motor as well as problem solving skills while trying out different ways to pass the difficulty. They learn to be patient with others while waiting for their turn on swings, see saw, slide or any other play structure. Kids interact with each other on the playground, which improves their communication skills.

Along with motor and behavioral skills, physical fitness is also important for kids, seeing that every third child in the United States is overweight. Therefore, parents should let their child spend more and more time on play sets. Playground equipment helps in keeping your child fit and flexible. Slides make their legs strong. Bar exercises the arms and shoulders. Children play ground equipment gives a healthy dose of cardiovascular and heart exercises while the kids run around.

You can install the residential grade playground play set at home and watch your kids learn new things right at home. Select your play set at We have superior quality residential and commercial play sets, which you can buy at cost-effective prices.